New Official Still Released

Looks like AMC Theatres Facebook Page released a new official still from The Host.  This one shows Melanie (Saoirse Ronan), Jared (Max Irons), and Jamie (Chandler Canterbury). This is probably from before Melanie’s body gets taken over by Wanderer.

Source: AMC Theatres, The Host Movie Fans

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  • Kevvin

    OMG! Saoirse is beautiful!

  • Nikk

    Max is super hot! Swoon <3

  • Jill

    Chandler is so cute and will grow to be super hot! 

  • Sobbing at how pretty they are 

  • Kristine

    OMG amazinf¡g, the film is going to be great! I CAN’T WAIT!

  • TeamBella76

    I love it ! Can’t wait !

  • Anna

    Max Irons!!!What i would do to you! 

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  • Rosie Wilkinson

    I absolutely adore this photo <3

  • Smiley41412

    Lots of people say that Saoirse is going to be horrible in the part but I totally disagree! She’s an amazing actress and I love her.

    • Jill

      They’re only saying that because they’re disappointed in that she doesn’t match the book description. Let’s call it like it is: their opinion is myopic for number of reasons.

      • Midnightrose434

        Jill do you still think there’s a chance there could be a panel at New York Comic-Con?  By the sound of it the clips they showed at SDCC were exciting.  It would be nice to have a panel at NYCC and perhaps show the 2nd full-length trailer.  Although they might show the trailer on Entertainment Tonight or even Good Morning America

        • Midnightrose434

          By the way I forgot to mention DragonCon but that might be too soon to show something like a trailer for that event.

        • Jill

          Your guess is as good as mine, Midnight. (And my guess is that there’s a 60-40 chance that Open Roads will be at NY-CC presenting The Host in some fashion.)

          If The Host does show up at NY-CC then hopefully a full-trailer, as you mentioned, will be shown with its trio, Meyer and Niccol in attendance. If not, then maybe Open Roads will reserve a spot on the floor to hand out movie giveaways. The convention will be scheduled in early October and that’s about the time movies that shoot earlier in the year (Jan-May roughly) release their trailer if they’re scheduled for release the following year.  Remember that THG was at neither NY-CC or SD-CC as a panel in 2011. It all depends on how the studio wants to market it.

          In saying that, due to the way the studio is coat tailing on other young adult movies (teaser trailer during THG premiere and the “surprise” during Twilight panel) to build hype, I hope they’re planning a panel solely for The Host when October/Nov. rolls around. It needs its own “spot light” before it’s premiere in March. 

          Again, this is all speculation on my part. If The Host is a no-show then that wouldn’t surprise me, either.


  • Maria-9

    Omg I can´t wait.Saoirse,Max and Chandler are amazing.