Official Website Now Live

If you visit, you can now see the beginnings of the official site for The Host.  I have been monitoring the website address for a while now, and could tell that it was being worked on.  Today, it started bumping me to Open Road Films official website, and yet I noticed some other people were starting to see the official site.  I FINALLY saw the site after clearing all of my cookies and browsing history, so if you cannot see the site, that is what I would reccommend doing.

There is not that much up on the site right now except for the teaser trailer for the film.  I did notice that Scott Free Productions has a logo in the “Legal” area of the site.  That is news to me.  That is Ridley Scott’s company and if you have seen Prometheus, you have seen the animated logo before the film.

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  • Suzip44

    So it is the official site then?

    • Jill

       Yes. If you put your cursor of “hover over legal” it shows all the productions companies logos and the distributor logo that are involved with the movie aka copyrighted material.

  • Suzip44

    Well, I sure like the trailer!  Blast!  I can hardly wait!!   Gotta see BD 2 first though!  :)

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  • drywater

    i didn’t like Melanie. I imagined her stronger and more beautiful.

    • himp

      Then make your own movie and cast whoever it is you imagined.

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    • Sarah

      We go by The Host Movie News, not HMN.

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  • Rosie

    Who wrote the music for the trailer? I really like it :’)

    • Jill

       Riptide – They Came from the Blue

  • Melody Bryant88

    omg love the book cant wiat to see the movie hope its just as great :)

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  • Alessandro Garcia

    the host wow i love the movie i ever seen in the entire life

  • jasmine adams

    Will there be more books like The Host. If there are i would imagine they would be just as spectacular as the one one book already written.