Noteworthy Tweets About The Host

We have asked a couple of Twitter accounts questions, and we were lucky to get replies that have been picked up by other sites and retweeted.  I (Sarah) usually just retweet them, but I realize that not everyone is on Twitter.  You can follow us on Twitter @TheHostMovie, and the official account for the film is @TheHostFilm.

I asked Adam B. Vary, a writer at Entertainment Weekly, when we could expect the rest of the set visit to be posted on EW.  Here is what he said:

So hopefully (maybe) this week will bring the rest of the coverage of EW’s set visit for The Host.  The first portion of the set visit can be found here.  Thanks, Adam!

We also asked the Celtic Media Centre about what they do with movie sets after they are done with them.  Celtic Media Centre is where the interior scenes for The Host were filmed.  I think this is one awesome perk to working there.  Thanks, Celtic Media Centre!

Source: The Host Movie News, Celtic Media Centre, Adam B. Vary

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