Never Before Seen Introduction to “The Host” Novel Released

Here is something that I think we all were not expecting.  An unreleased introduction to the novel, The Host, by Stephenie Meyer was released today as an exclusive at iVillage.  You can download the introduction or read it right here.  It is a busy day, so I have not had time to read it yet.  Chime in on the newly released material in the comments section.  I wonder if any of this material is making it into the film and that is why it is being released.


THE HOST by Stephenie Meyer, the author of THE TWILIGHT SAGA. Read the excerpt. In theaters 3/29!

Source: iVillage

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  • josephjoe

    The introduction is very enlightening.
    Let’s hope they’re not going to CGI Wanderer as a slug; that would be ludicrous!
    Maybe that part is best left to the imagination.