EW First Look at Ian O’Shea and Jake Abel Interview

Remember that tweet that Adam B. Vary sent us back in reply to us asking about any more details on that set visit?  Well, one part of that visit was released today and it is an interview with Jake Abel.  Also included is a photo of Jake Abel playing Ian O’Shea with Saoirse Ronan playing Melanie Stryder/Wanderer and another photo of Ian by himself.

Here is one excerpt from the interview:

“I know Stephenie Meyer was on the set a fair amount. What was that like, knowing that you were interpreting something that had lived in her head for so long?
The thing about Stephenie is that she’s highly collaborative. If you have ideas — and we had ideas about the sequels [to the book] — she was like, “Tell me! Tell me!” There were a couple of times I was like, “How ’bout this?” And she was like, “Well, I’ll think about it.” And that’s always so relieving as an actor, because we all want to bring something to the table, and we all understand that the film we’re making is the writer’s baby. There’s parts of you that want to honor their vision. There’s parts of you that have your own vision. And she welcomes that process with open arms. I got her blessing early on with what I was wanting to do with him, and because of that I was able to not think about it so much. She’s kind of the ghost on set anyway. Unless you go find her and have a conversation, she’s not coming up to you to give you notes or change your performance. She’s really, really great about that.”

Check out the full interview with Jake Abel over at Entertainment Weekly.

Update 6/14/12: Added the untagged, high quality images to the bottom of the post.  Click on the image to go to the larger version of the image.

High Quality Image Source: The Host Movie News, Open Road Films


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  • KineHaug

    Ian looks so sad/worried, maybe he’s in the hospital with Wanda?

  • Suzip44

    That was a great interview!  Really helped me know Stephenie was on the set and helping with the vision for the movie.  I have said how much I have loved her books, some of the Twilight movies and how I am so looking forward to this movie.  Now I can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn 2 and The Host.  I hate that we have to wait so long.

  • lawbreakrrr

    aww , he looked so sad . 🙁

  • Kevvin


  • I just love the desert background scenery (probably the only person that noticed)

    • KineHaug

      I know, it’s beautiful! I just wonder what scene it is…

      • twi-potter-hunger-host.tumblr

        I know, they look cheerful so it’s not when they bury Walter, but it’s daylight and they’re outdoors. Maybe extra scenes??

        • KineHaug

          Yeah, I first thought about the funeral too, but as you said, they look happy and it’s during the day. So I don’t really know :/

  • Melm26

    Ughhh… Horrible….. Not even close to Ian from the book.

  • Rosiewilkinson35

    UGH, Max always looks so gorgeous and he always looks morbid..

  • Rosie

    I have to say he keeps well shaved for someone with no mirrors and who lives in a cave, but that’s TV for you.

    • KineHaug

      It’s known that they have lots of mirrors in the cave. And… he could have shaved recently? But point taken. This is the Hollywood-version of the story.

      • Rosie

         But would it really be worth stretching on a ladder? :’)

      • Jill

         I never really understood the whole “Hollywood version.” Andrew Niccol and its producers are far from Hollywood. What would be the non-Hollywood version? Just asking.

        • KineHaug

          That’s true, and I like the fact that the characters are dressed in “random clothes”, but things like beards (or just body hair), which would be natural in reality,  just seems to not be a part of the movie with Jeb as an exception(?). It was the same with The Hunger Games too. You just can’t show a girl with lots of natural body hair anymore, even though it makes no sense that it’s shaved. I bet none of the women in the caves has any body hair.

          • Jill

             I don’t remember if any of the women in the book had body hair, besides disheveled head hair. Did they? I just pictured everyone dirty, smelly and pissed off the while time while they were in there.

  • Lauren

    Oh my god! so excited! I think he will be wonderful as Ian.

  • xXJewishChildXx

    I always envisioned him looking almost exactly like Ian Somerhalder… I don’t know, though. I can see it working with him anyways…

  • Mrs.O’shea

    I absolutely don’t like him! He’s exactly the opposite of what i pictured he would be. I’ve been waiting for years to finally see who will play his amazing character, and now I found myself extremely disappointed for the physical matters. I heartily hope he does a great job, and make me in love with him like “the book Ian” did. I’ll give him the chance, but I have serious issues with the Producer, Director, and everyone who agreed in such a decision.
    I must add, I have nothing against the actor. He’s gorgeous, but not like Meyer so intently described him in the book. :/