“The Host”-Related News Wrap

There have been quite a few news stories relating both directly and indirectly to The Host. Be sure to scan this whole post because I am posting several news stories in this one post.

The Host comes out in theatres March 29, 2o13.  Previous to this week, its only competition would have been The Marriage Counselor.  Now, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which was scheduled to be released at the end of June 2012, now has the same release date as The Host.  The reason for G.I. Joe to be pushed back so far is because the studio wants to do a proper 3D upgrade on the film.  I am wondering if The Host will win out over G.I. Joe: Retaliation in the weekend box office.

There are several films that are also to be released in March 2013 that will be competing with The Host.  Those films would be Elysium, Oz: The Great and the Powerful, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (which also stars Jake Abel aka Ian O’Shea), Carrie, Jack the Giant Killer, Now You See Me, The Croods, and Maersk Alabama.

Source: Movie Insider, JoBlo

–The long awaited MTV set visit and interviews with some of the cast of The Host and author/producer Stephenie Meyer will finally be online on Tuesday, May 29.  We will post the content and possible article when it goes live.

Source: Josh Horowitz

–Boyd Holbrook (Kyle O’Shea in The Host) has gotten a part in Very Good Girls after Anton Yelchin had to drop out. Boyd will star along with Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen.  The film is about lifelong best friends who want to lose their virginity.  Boyd will play the guy that comes between them.

You can see Boyd Holbrook this weekend in Hatfields & McCoys miniseries on The History Channel.  Part 1 will be on Monday, May 28 at 9/8c and Part 2 will be on Tuesday, May 29 at 9/8c.  Boyd plays William “Cap” Hatfield in the miniseries.

Source: Deadline, The History Channel

Back in February, it was announced that Saoirse Ronan was attached to a film called Order of Seven.  The film was supposed to be another take on the Snow White fairy tale.  Disney was developing and financing the project and considering the aftermath of Disney’s John Carter, it has decided to pull the plug on the project.  It was going to be a big budget take on the tale and was going to possibly start shooting this summer.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

— While one project of Saoirse’s has been stopped, she has picked up another project.  She will star in the film adaptation of the memoir Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain.  Saoirse will more than likely play Vera Brittain herself.  The film will be produced by David Heyman (Harry Potter) and Juliette Towhidi will write the script.  Below is the book synopsis:

“In 1914, just as war was declared, 20 year-old Vera Brittain was preparing to study at Oxford. Four years later, her life—and that of her whole generation—had been irrevocably changed in a way that no one could have imagined in the tranquil pre-war era. Testament of Youth is Brittain’s account of how she lost the man she loved, nursed the wounded, survived those agonizing years, and emerged into an altered world. A passionate record of a lost generation, it made Brittain one of the best-loved writers of her time. It still retains the power to shock, move, and enthrall readers today.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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  • josephjoe

    From what I’ve been reading it seems  ‘Order Of The Seven’  isn’t totally dead, but rather it’s been put on the long finger and may be reactivated as a project in the future if less risky and more favourable terms for the backers can be secured.