Ronan Talks About Her Career Plans and Celebrating Her Birthday On Set

The Independent talked with Saoirse Ronan (Melanie/Wanderer) about what her future in film holds and how she celebrated her 18th birthday, which we know she was on the set of ‘The Host’ for. She recognizes that most of the films that will be sent her way from now on are going to involve romance, but she reported that she cares more about the story and characters. I think that shows a level of maturity most girls her age do not. She talked about the success of ‘Hanna’ and about the hopes for the success of ‘The Host’.

She also talked about her 18th birthday. She said that she wished she had been at home, though she had celebrated two other birthdays while on set before. To her surprise, she said it ended up being the best birthday she has had so far. She said she got to watch a car stunt being filmed, which she described as ‘amazing’, as well as be serenaded by a local band and enjoy a cake they had brought her. Both Max and Jake were able to be there and celebrate with her, as well.

Happy belated Birthday, girl 🙂 I’m glad it was special for you!


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  • Susan Payne

    I am so looking forward to this!  She is a great actress!  Happy Belated Birthday to Saoirse ! 

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  • Drfuller

    I love her acting and I look forward to all the films she will be in in the future. It seems to me from hearing her speak off set that she is a very intelligent and thoughtful lady. Much too often, “child” actors end up eventually “crashing” because of the acting culture that appears to exist. But Ms Ronan appears to be strong enough to handle it.

  • Peter_Griffin

    Favoring plot and character over certain scenes, how refreshing. Common sense goes a long way. 

  • Midnightrose434

    i’m so impressed by Saoirse and can’t wait to see her in this film!