More Characters Have Actors Attached

While I love IMDB for a quick reference, it is not always the best resource to see who is playing who in a movie, especially when the film is shrouded in secrecy.  The people who are making The Host are not really forthcoming about a full cast list.  While this is frustrating to someone like me who runs a site based on news, it is also cool as a fan of the book since not everything is getting spoiled for us all at once.

I will immediately update this post if any of this information is incorrect.  This is all coming from IMDB.  The descriptions of the characters are all from The Host Wiki.  The character descriptions do contain spoilers if you have not read the book.

Fords Deep Water – Marcus Lyle Brown

“Fords Deep Waters is a soul and the Healer who inserts Wanderer into Melanie Stryder’s body. His assistant isDarren.  Despite the natural good nature of souls, he has difficulty getting along with The Seeker due to her abrasive personality. ”




Brandt – Mustafa Harris

“Brandt is one of the humans who live in the caves found by Jeb. He is described as not being very big, but very solid (most likely meaning muscular).

He was shot by Wanderer’s Seeker, fortunately for him the bullet just missed his heart and lungs. Doc used Heal, a soul made medicine for human bodies, to heal the bullet wound in Brand’s shoulder. When the Seeker is brought back to the caves, Brandt is one of the men who gaurds her, along with Aaron.”


Wes – Shawn Carter Peterson

“Wes is one of the human rebels hidding in Jeb Stryder’s caves. He came from Eureka, Montana. When Wanda first came to the caves, he was not openly hostile to her, yet he wasn’t friendly either. However, over time, Wes became one of the first, along with Ian O’Shea, Lily, Walter and Jamie Stryder, to overcome his hatred of souls and slowly became Wanda’s friend.

While the humans were waiting for Jared and Jamie to return from a raid, Wes and Lily played a friendly football game against Wanda and Ian. Just after the game, Wes admitted that he was in love with Lily. Despite being older than him, Lily reciprocated his feelings. The two became the happy couple of the Caves. However, their happiness did not last long. A Seeker, who had been hunting the last remnants of human resistance, found the caves and killed Wes. Lily and Wanda were both destroyed by his death.

After burying him next to Walter’s tomb, Wanda revealed her greatest secret: how to remove a soul from its host’s body without killing either of them. When Wanda had Doc promise to remove her from Melanie’s body, she insisted to be buried next to Wes and Walter.”

Lily – Raeden Greer – I have seen Raeden and Frances Fisher tweet each other back and forth while they were filming so I am pretty confident that this is correct.

“Lily is a member of the group of humans living in the caves. She is tall, athletic, and has caramel colored skin. She is one of the first humans to show kindness and acceptance toWanderer. She has long been admired by Wes, who is younger than she is. Eventually they begin a relationship and are very happy together.

However, their happiness does not last long because The Seeker kills Wes by shooting him in the head. Due to this type of injury and instant death, Doc is unable to use ‘Heal’ on him (a medicine developed by souls to heal all ailments). Lily goes into a deep depression over the loss of her loved one.”


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  • Nicole

    I am very happy with who they picked for Wes. He is almost exactly how I imagined him (except my version was a bit younger). Raeden Greer looks more like Sharon than Lily to me. Besides her tweets to Frances Fisher, I just stumbled upon her facebook where she posted a group picture with other cast members (including Max Irons, Jake Abel, Frances Fisher, Shawn Carter Peterson, and Mustafa Harris) in Baton Rouge.

  • Shelley Renee MCKey

    Yeah, I was hoping for a younger Wes, we have our own imagination of what are characters look like, finally we are seeing some more of the characters, Lily does look like a Sharon I wonder if they dyed her hair black or not, can’t wait for this movie.

    • Ari

      I agree with you both on Wes and Lily (for a minute I thought she was supposed to be Sharon). 

      Anyways I am past bored waiting for some news about this movie. This secrecy is quite annoying.  I’ve been waiting for it for so long and now that they are finally filming it I am losing my patience. I just hope that it will all turn out fine in the end.. not so sure about the casting, but they can be wonderful by playing their parts.

  • Ari

    BTW, all these descriptions gave me goosebumps ;)) 
    I will need to read this book one more time, as I miss so much all the characters.

  • Lucija :)

    I went to Imdb a couple of days ago and I noticed that a character named Charles is added to the character list. Who is Charles? I am pretty sure that there is no Charles in the book or did I miss him when I read the book?

    • Hiddenx264

      There’s no Charles, you’re right. I think it’s a new character introduced to the movie.