Jake Abel Sends Us On a Hunt

Jake Abel who plays Ian O’Shea in The Host has sent us fans on a treasure hunt.  Jake signed a copy of The Host and tweeted a picture of the book and the location of the bookstore.  If you are in Burbank, California, you should see if it is still in the stacks.  Jake also asked for the finder to “twitpic that jam” to him.  Good Luck!  Let us know if you find the book!

I have to say our cast members are starting to look pretty awesome compared to Twilight‘s.  I don’t see Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart doing such a cool thing like this.  I might be biased, though.

Follow Jake Abel on Twitter.  He just got a verified account.


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  • Salty

    Jake keeps scoring brownie points with his funny tweets 🙂

  • Shelley Renee MCKey

    I wished I lived there live in Mississippi man I would have ransacked that bookstore looking for it, I’m that obsessed with Jake’s character.

  • Luna

    That’s awesome! I hope they’ll do more stuff like that.

  • kayset

    very creative!