‘The Host’ Mentioned in Article About Burgeoning Louisiana Film Industry


‘The Advocate’ published an article on the 3rd talking about the growing film industry in Louisiana. The beginning of the article opens with the following blurb about the set of ‘The Host’:

On a recent morning, a nicely-dressed woman was wandering the honeycomb of hallways and sound studios in the O’Connor Building on the Celtic Media Centre campus in Baton Rouge. Over one shoulder was a well-stocked baby tote, while she cradled a plump, barefoot infant outfitted in a curiously filthy T-shirt and diaper.

The baby happened to be one of the younger actors on set that day working on the movie “The Host,” a $44 million film project that plans to spend about $33 million in Louisiana, according to state film industry officials. The movie, based on the book of the same title by Stephenie Meyer of “Twilight” fame, is set to open in theaters next March.

It’s not clear what role the child — or any of the other disheveled-looking actors milling about — holds in the sci-fi film. Details like these are tightly guarded by film officials, who were explicit about keeping reporters off the sets.

What does seem clear is that big-budget studio pictures like these are becoming more common in the state.

Thanks to Seasick boy for tipping us off to this article!

It seems like they’re pretty intent on keeping this project’s details under wraps for the time being. I don’t remember this level of secrecy surrounding the ‘Twilight’ film, but I could be wrong. I wonder if this is the studio’s or Niccol’s choice or if this is a reaction to Meyer’s privacy being previously violated when someone stole her work on ‘Midnight Sun’ (‘Twilight’ from Edwards point of view) and ultimately ended her work on that novel, at least for the time being. There was also that situation with ‘Breaking Dawn’ where I believe dailies were being stolen and released to the public. If anyone has any ideas on the reasoning behind all this secrecy, please let us know! Personally, I think it just shows that they’re taking this project seriously and I appreciate that.

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  • LyssahF

    I think marketing probably plays a part as well.  The more “secret” a project is kept, especially an anticipated one, the more people want to know.  I hope their keeping it on the DL to help keep it from getting swept away in the hype that has surrounded recent movies.  I can’t help but wonder if the Twilight stigma might alienate people who were not a fan of that particular franchise.  That would be sad, considering how different the storylines are.  Anyway…can I just say though, sounds like that may have been a sighting of Freedom?  Just a thought.

    • JIll

      ” I can’t help but wonder if the Twilight stigma might alienate people who were not a fan of that particular franchise. ”

      I have the same worry.

      What do you mean by “sighting of Freedom”?

      • LyssahF

        I just finished re-reading the host this week and I am wondering if the baby mentioned above might be Freedom-one of Lucinas two children (Freedom and Isaiah)-in the caves…it’s logical.  Children that are Souls would be clean and such.  And, as far as the book goes, there were only three kids in the Caves, including Jamie.

        • Jill

           *smacks forehead* I should have known.

        • That would make sense.

  • $44 million seems reasonable, I can see this film easily making it’s budget back within a few weeks. It seems like the Percy Jackson 2 flick is going to debut the same weekend so TH will have competition.

  • Ari

    That was supposed to be “Midnight Sun”, heheee..
    Anyways, it’s strange that not only they don’t reveal anything about how filming goes, but we don’t even know all the actors playing in this movie (some having important roles). That’s a lot of secrecy. Hope it turns out well. 
    … And show us some Ian, damn it!!!!

    •  Thank you. I went ahead and fixed it.

  • Salty

    Im kind of dissapointed there were no other casting news, I fear it means that all those other characters got cut from the film. The secrecy thing seems high to that compared to the Twilight films, I hope it helps rather than backfire

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  • Emilysjp

    I just finished re-reading The Host, and yes, I thinks its Freedom! Hey, I mite just be really blind, does anyone know who is playing Jamie??? Jake Abel is playing Ian right?

  • Guest

    $44 million is not a lot.