“The Host” Banner Spotted at CinemaCon

CinemaCon is going on right now in Las Vegas.  It is a convention for theatre owners to see what the movie studios will have to offer in the coming year.  Collider has a writer there, and he spotted a banner for The Host.  It is like the teaser poster, just rearranged to be on large, long rectangular banner.  If you are curious how studios promote their films, check out the whole post on Collider, which features a lot of posters and promotional setups for upcoming films.

Source: Collider, The Host Movie Fans

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  • Rosie

    Oh my god. I like stalk this site like a weirdo. Woo you posted after three days! Idc if I come out like a nut, I love the host <3

    • Sissy12606

      I stalked this website too, don’t feel bad I am waiting on more pics and info, just like a crazed fan, but I love love The Host

      • Rosie

        What do you think about Ian, I saw the stills and he looks like a drug addict, his face looks so sunken. And pet! Who is she, the filming is already almost over and the actress hasn’t even been named yet. I’ve never been an obsessive fan before, I never understood it, until 2009 when I found out about the film. Okay, life story over.

        • Oregon

           If I hid in a cave for X number of months with inadequate storage of food and water I too would look like a drug addict.  To top it off, knowing that aliens are invading bodies for a take down would also make me less than Vogue picture ready.

          • Rosie

            But Jared doesn’t look like a drug addict? :L

          • KineHaug

            That’s because it’s impossible for Irons to look bad.

    • I like this comment thread.  Thanks for being a stalker for this site 🙂