New Title Treatment for “The Host”?

The Official Facebook Page for The Host just updated their profile picture and timeline cover picture with a new version of the possible title treatment.  I like it much better with the bluish, bright light coming from the “O.”

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  • Jill

     I like the blue hue, but I liked the skinniness of the old “O”s ribs, if you know what I’m saying. Keep that fond and add the blue hue and it’s perfect!

  • Salty

    I liked the previous font better, I do like the new blueish hue

  • Ari

    Fans were supposed to create covers for the host page on Facebook in a kind of ‘competition’. That’s probably the one they liked better, and that’s why it is different.

    • The competition is still going on, but this is official art from The Host, not a fan made graphic.

  • Rosie

    I liked the old one better, the new makes it look really futuristic. As we know the the story is set in the future, but it’s a more rural atmosphere.