Frances Fisher Tweets About ‘The Host’

Ok, so Frances Fisher (Maggie) tweeted quite a bit about her work in ‘The Host’ in the past week or so and I’ve done my best to compile all of her posts here. People have really been bombarding the poor woman. If I was her, I’d be quitting Twitter :-P. There are some nice pictures, some small tidbits of interesting information, and some posts that may be a bit confusing. Hopefully we can figure out the confusing ones together :). I’ve posted them here starting with the farthest back I went and ending with the most recent ones.

5 am Mar 30:

@yuliastr: @Frances_Fisher what’s your favorite moment from the book #TheHost #RussiaLovesTheHost” No favorite; many moments great

3 pm Mar 30:

@Frances_Fisher we’ve heard that #TheHost will be shooting in NM scince April 9th. Does it mean that you’re finishing to shoot in Caves?

@thehostrussia Finishing the caves next week. On to exteriors in New Mexico!

@Saoirse_Daily: @Frances_Fisher What is the country after new mexico ?” That’s it!

@Saoirse_Daily: @Frances_Fisher So after scene of caves. It’s finished or there something else ?” New Mexico exteriors

So, from these we can gather than New Mexico is the last place they will be filming and they will just be doing the New Mexico exteriors there. So when they’re done in New Mexico (which starts April 9th), that’ll be the end of filming. That seems very quick! And it’s still almost a year til its release in theatres. If they’re ending filming so soon, my guess is they’re waiting to release the film until after the last ‘Twilight’ movie has been released in November and is done with its theatre run.

3:30 pm Mar 30:

Hi, @Frances_Fisher! I’m from Russia. I wanted to ask if you’ve seen on the set of Boyd Holbrook?))

@LesyaPismennaya Boyd Holbrook, Jake Able, Max Irons, William Hurt – working with all of the boys!

1:30 am Mar 31:

@yuliastr: @Frances_Fisher Are you finishing your shooting in caves? I heard next place of shooting is NM!!! Right?” Right!

@yuliastr: @Frances_Fisher@MrJakeAbel changed a color of his hair?!;D” I don’t know

With the more recent information that Boyd Holbrook is staying blonde, my guess is Jake Abel is also going to stay blonde, otherwise they wouldn’t be as similar as they need to be.

7:45 pm Mar 31:

@kbitchneenz: @Frances_Fisher We want a pic of The Host cast together!! Can’t wait to see all of you on the set.” That’s up to publicity

6:30 pm Apr 1st:

@Frances_Fisher We want a pic of The Host cast together!! Can’t wait to see all of you on the set.

@kbitchneenz I’m done with talking about #TheHost Wait till 3/29/13 Xoxo

And yet, she continues to tweet…

4 pm Apr 5th:

@Frances_Fisher Is it possible to get ‘Hello’ from Jake and Saoirse? Russia loves them.Thanks! PS-sorry, but they don’t answer..

@yuliastr @frances_fisher They don’t tweet. we are in the middle of our move to New Mexico….

7:30 pm Apr 5th:

@Frances_Fisher Hi Frances …I have very curious to know who will play Wes and Walter, can you tell us who the lucky or is it a secret?

@ILoveIanOshea Don’t know

Come on guys, that would just get her in trouble 🙂

8 pm Apr 5th:

@Frances_Fisher Diane Kruger has already filmed a scene in the helicopter? And you have taken the slap in the face of Saoirse?

@thehostbrasil All exteriors this month

I love how she doesn’t give answers half the time, but she redirects people to answers she’s allowed to give.

7:30 pm Apr 6th:

@Frances_Fisher Israeli fans very happy and excited about your casting as Maggie, Can you tell us a little about what happens in the movie?

@the_host_israel Did you read the book? It follows the storyline

Good to know!

@kbitchneenz: @Frances_Fisher Are you having fun in The Host set? Who is the funniest? :)” Andrew Niccol

8 pm Apr 6th:

@edenernandes: @Frances_Fisher is it good work with saoirse?” She’s a doll

@AndreCullen_: @Frances_Fisher You attended the wrap party in Louisiana?” Nope. Was stuck in the French Quarter 🙂

So they’ve finished filming in Louisiana at this point…

6 pm Apr 7th:

@SBill703: @Frances_Fisher hi, i’m really looking forward to your performance in the host. r u enjoying filming it?” It’s a trip!

6:30 pm Apr 7th:

@AndreCullen_: @Frances_Fisher What do you like most about your character in The Host?” She won’t be seduced by the Alien.

5:30 pm Apr 8th:

@Frances_Fisher Israeli fans very happy about your casting, how is it working with the rest of the cast? Do you agree with your character?

@the_host_israel It’s my job as an actress to understand my character and portray her point of view.

Sounds like she’s really getting into the mind of her character, looking at these previous tweets.

11:45 yesterday:

@Frances_Fisher The Host fans are very interested in the question – who plays the role of Sharon and the Wanderer in a new body?

@LanaBayun Can’t say, sorry!

Yes, of course, the production company won’t release this information, but hey, maybe if we keep asking the actors they’ll slip up. 😛 Not likely, guys. Give it a rest…

@LanaBayun: @Frances_Fisher We are so saddened by all the secrecy of the project: (” I guess they want to build interest…

That’s precisely what they’re doing! I think it was in my previous article that I talked about the whole secrecy issue and postulated about reasons why they might be holding onto this information so tightly. Jump back to that post if you want to join in on that discussion.

@yuliastr: @Frances_Fisher when you read the book #thehost did you imagine yourself as one of the characters? or not?;)” I was objective.

At 12:30 pm yesterday she retweeted a garbled tweet from one of her fans/friends, but I was able to find the two tweets after it that clarify. Again, it’s just more frustrations over the desire for information versus keeping the project under wraps for now.

@LanaBayun: @Frances_Fisher We had so long did not know when will the film, so we are very curious:)” #TheHost 3/29/13

@Frances_Fisher I meant that four years have passed since the publication of the book and another year to wait for the film, it’s so long

@LanaBayun Awww – I understand. It’s worth waiting for – it will be spectacular!

A little before 3 pm yesterday, she responded to this tweet about who would be cast as Doc in the film:

@TheHost_Brasil: @the_host_israel it was she who said that Scott would be Doc, I trust her! (@Frances_Fisher)” True

This is in response to Fisher announcing through twitter on 3/28 that Scott Lawrence would be playing Doc in the film. This has not been corroborated by any of those in charge of the project, yet, however. You can check him out in our previous post about this announcement.

Almost 24 hours ago, Fisher responded to a question from a French ‘The Host’ fan site about her hair color for the film:

@thehostfrance: @Frances_Fisher You’ve white hair for the movie ? #TheHost” Oui

I’m guessing this question was in response to the previous post Fisher made yesterday about her hair being white now:

@LanaBayun: @Frances_Fisher Now, with long white hair :)))As I see Magnolia in the book:)” I’m much older looking, but don’t do that! 🙂

Just before that a Brazilian ‘The Host’ fan site tried to ask her about some of the other casting choices, but she remained tight-lipped, as expected:

@TheHost_Brasil: @Frances_Fisher you could tell us who will play Sharon? please?? ;)” I can’t; you will know why when film comes out!

Again, no slipping up!

Yesterday she tweeted about how she was traveling to New Mexico to start her work on ‘The Host’ project:

@Diane_Warren Just flew to new mexico today for more work on #TheHost

She posted this tweet and the following picture of New Mexico yesterday when she first arrived in Albuquerque:

Just landed in Albequerque , New Mexico to start exterior work on #TheHost – I am blessed; you are too…

She also tweeted yesterday about a question somebody asked about Boyd Holbrook’s hair.

@amandalconnelly: @Frances_Fisher did Boyd Holbrook dye his hair black for the Host or is he still blonde?” He’s a blonde

Here is a picture of Boyd Holbrook (Kyle O’Shea) as his natural blonde:

She also posted a picture today of New Mexico, presumably near where they are filming. You can see the picture she tweeted below:

Looks like a typical desert to me ;). It’s a beautiful shot. Hopefully we get some good images of the desert in the film when Wanderer is lost in the desert before she is ‘rescued’. What are your thoughts on Boyd keeping his hair blonde for the part? In the books I believe Kyle and Ian both had dark hair with bright blue eyes, but I could be wrong. Of course, this stuff is minor compared to whether they can act or not, so that’s the part I’m more interested in.

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  • KineHaug

    The whole ‘blonde’ thing will “ruin” the movie for some fans haha. I don’t think Abel or Holbrook would pull of ink black hair anyways, I was kinda expecting it. What I don’t understand is Maggie’s hair color.

    I don’t think Sharon will be in the movie, by the way. ” I can’t; you will know why when the film comes out!” kinda gives it away.

    • Marjolaf21

      Isn’t there a line in the book about Maggie being a “faded version of her daughter”, or something like that? (The problem with 600+ pages novels, is that its a lot harder to pull back the quotes you need.)

      Adn I may be naive, but I’m not giving up on Sharon yet, or any of the unannounced characters. Maybe the reason she’s not confirming anything is that she took some flack over leaking Scott Lawrence’s name. No one even confirmed his casting, and it’s not like Doc won’t be in the movie. You can’t follow the plot of the novel without Doc! 

      Besides, are people really expecting the casting of Pet to be announced? How could they explain the part without massivly spoiling the end to anyone who might want to see the movie but haven’t read the book?

      • KineHaug

        I don’t think you would spoil the end by just announce a new character. They have to do it sooner or later anyway. I really hope Sharon will be in the movie, but let’s face it, she’s not a very important character, they can easily come up with a new story about why Melanie left Jared. It could be Maggie, for instance. Although I want the movie to be as true to the book as it can be, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if Sharon wasn’t in it.

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  • Guest

    She pretty much tweets all day about the host, if it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t know a lot of things it’s odd the producers let her tweet so much

    • Jill

      Most of her tweets reveal nothing that’s substantial ie. casting except her slip for Doc, set pics. other than comments/pics on the general area of shooting locations and make up stuff ie. white hair, blond hair to which actors she shares scenes with.

  • And yet I still don’t think its her lol 😛 time will tell

  • Jill

    ” So when they’re done in New Mexico (which starts April 9th), that’ll be
    the end of filming. That seems very quick! And it’s still almost a year
    til its release in theatres.”

    Most productions last about three months. The Host principle photography began in Feb. 14th (?) and it’ll end sometime around the last week of April, or so. That’s roughly about 10-11 weeks of shooting. 

    “If they’re ending filming so soon, my
    guess is they’re waiting to release the film until after the last
    ‘Twilight’ movie has been released in November and is done with its
    theatre run.”

    I don’t think an “early” wrap date says anything other than they’ve completed and are satisfied with all takes and exterior shots; if the call sheet has nothing else to film then it has nothing else to film. Besides, the confirmed release date has been set since last June of 2011.