Four New Stills Including Our First Look at Ian O’Shea

The first photo of Jake Abel as Ian O’Shea in The Host has come online.  A lot of you have been pretty anxious to get a look at him, so here he is.  Included in the new stills are photos of Saoirse Ronan as Melanie/Wanderer, Willam Hurt as Uncle Jeb, and two of the photos have Max Irons as Jared Howe.  We previously had a blurry photo of the Uncle Jeb/Jared photo, but it is nice to see a really clear one.

Is this what you expected Jake Abel to look like as Ian O’Shea?  Now I want to see a picture of Boyd Holbrook as Kyle O’Shea.

***Photos removed by request of Open Road Films***


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  • Guest

     Something as simple as changing Jake Abel’s hair color would have please
    a LOT of fans instead of upsetting them, and it’ wasn’t impossible to
    do. I wonder if Saoirse Ronan is only brunette because of her previous
    movie? It’s one thing to lower the ages in favor of better actors, but
    hair color can be easily changed. This movie is not trying to please the
    fans of the book, and they shouldn’t be surprised if the fans of the
    books simply choose not to support it on opening weekend.

    • I don’t think hair/eye color changes how I view the characters.  I just don’t think people are not going to see the film just because Ian has blonde hair.  I would rather the performances and direction be good, rather than a crappy movie where everyone looks like what is described in the book.

    • KineHaug

      I don’t think it would look natural if he had black hair. I think he looks good now.

    • Nicole

      I bet the reason is the issue of male facial hair. The story takes place in a cave away from modern conveniences, so the male characters wouldn’t have access to razors which means they would need to be scruffy to be believable. It would look very odd to have a guy with black hair and a blonde beard. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if Stephenie just isn’t pushing for the actors to dye their hair after the hair fiasco in the Twilight movies. The hair change was hard for Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli, and Jackson Rathbone (Reed’s scalp began to bleed) that they had to resort to those horrible wigs.

      • Sissy12606

        I think you are right, those wigs were terrible I’m glad that they didn’t go with wigs in this movie, it would look weird to have black hair and blond facial hair. I’m glad the brothers in The Host Movie do look alike if you dyed their hair I don’ think so, we need to see Kyle now.

    • TheOtherGuest

       Please the book fans? This is a multi-million dollar project – the producers KNOW the book fans will see it regardless if they’re unhappy if “the character wasn’t what I pictured.” Those that hold such a views line are acting like children. That’s how psychology works – either you want this to be made into a movie or not. With the people attached to it book fans boycotting the movie will show how shallow they are, and if it’s critical acclaimed by movie critics they’ll look even more foolish for not supporting it.

      • Guest

        Not when you have Stephenie Meyer’s name which is sure to repel some audience, plus another book to movie adaptation that is TRUE to the book and opens on the same weekend. The Host will flop at the box office. 

        • LetJillHandleThis

          I’ll say this first:  I would be surprised if you’re fan of the book.

          “The Host will flop at the box office.”

          The amount of hatred for Meyer’s name isn’t enough to make it a flop. The built in fan base alone is enough to get back their production budget back, domestically. If Niccol’s IN TIME can make a total gross over $100MILL then so can THE HOST, but with even more ease. And you better be more specific than “some” because “some”, out of millions of potential viewers, is a very very small percent and may not even dent the overall gross.

          The people in charge of marketing are probably are aware of the target audience for this, and they probably know more about who’s at stake than a jaded Meyer hater or a unhappy book fan.

          “plus another book to movie adaptation that is TRUE to the book and
          opens on the same weekend.”

          What book to movie adaption, that is “TRUE to the book,” will be released the same weekend? There’s a glaring fallacy in your reasoning on why THE HOST will flop: unless the other book adaption targets the same demographic THE HOST has a built in fan base. The only thing that might deter a huge amount of book fans into seeing is bad reviews.

          So, as I re-read your post the more I think you’re just trolling and pulling stuff out of your tush to cause a stir.

        • LetJillHandleThis

           LOL. I’m sorry, I just can’t but laugh at your opinion. I’m going to save it because it sounds so STUPID, no matter how one looks at it. Don’t you know anything about marketing and how buzz works? I can just tell you wrote that without much thought. LOL. Oh goodness. Keep it up.

  • KineHaug

    Wow, I love it! Where do you think Ian/Jared/Jeb are? The hospital or something…? It doesn’t exactly look like a cave.

    • Ari

      I have a guess, even though I might be wrong – it might be the scene from the kitchen when Jared comes back and he has a fight with Jeb? 
      Not pleased with Ian though (I don’t care about the hair color; I just wanted a more good-looking actor, LOL – but if he plays well, I won’t care much about this either)

      • KineHaug

        Yeah, it could be the kitchen. I just wonder what the white thing behind Jared and Jeb is…

        • That looks like a hospital screen, so yes that probably is the hospital.

          • Persephone9

            Is it the hospital! 100%…look at the lamp and at that white thing behind Will. It is hospital curtain. so i agree with you girls =)

    • I think it could be an interior room in the caves.  It looks just like 2 x 4’s with some plastic.

  • Guest

    I thought Ian has black hair!? Max Irons is good, but i just don’t like Jake… he wasn’t very good in Supernatural or I am Number four

  • Luka Chan

    Ian isn’t in the slightest the way I pictured. Melanie too for that matter, but wow… Ian… yeah… not feelin’ it.

  • Nicole

    I really love how Ian was described in the book (black Irish) and I was disappointed when I heard Jake Abel wasn’t dying his hair, but I can handle all sorts of “cosmetic” changes (age, hair color, height) if the actors can truly bring this story to life.

  • sia

    I can’t wait ! The changes are good if Stephenie approves with it ! 

  • Jessipaigeaz

    I imagined Jared to be older and more mature. I dont want him casted, but i was thinking the build type of the Capitol One guy from Mad Men.

  • LyssahF

    Not gonna lie, I haven’t been to happy with the casting over all.  Luckily I have a year to prepare myself for it not matching a mental picture I hold dear.  Hopefully in that time, I will be able to disassociate the movie from the book and appreciate it on its own merrit.

    Although, as a side note: when a book is writen and a fan base builds, everyone is pictureing someone different.  However, the little description afforded by the author is one of the few similarities that will bridge the collective gap.  It’s understandible, I think, for people who have enjoyed the book to be slightly disapointed that a character they have come to know is absolutly nothing like they have known.  I almost wonder if it will cause them to approach them mentally as one would a stranger.

    • KineHaug

      Slightly disappointed is one thing. Refusing to watch the movie because of these small changes is another. I’ll admit that I would prefer Ian to have black hair, but I don’t really care as long as Abel can act. I trust Meyer. After all, she created the story.

  • Jill

    I think one thing people HAVE to understand is that reading is a book is completely different experience than watching a film.  Where the author is the sole controller of each character, on their mannerisms, their outward appearance and inner thoughts in a film there are so many different factors that enable it to be successful.

    In casting, if one focuses on the outward appearance instead of the chemistry and skill between each actor, I guarantee you that the project will be less than stellar. Acting people – let’s get people who can act and if focusing on the appearance detriments your experience then your priorities are the ones to blame.

    A movie is not a book.  It’s an Adaption.

  • Sissy12606

    I have read and re-read The Host book, I love the book’s take on the characters and the plot is very well written. I can’t wait until the movie is out and see their take on the book, anyone knows from watching any movie about a book it is completely different, they will always change something in the movie, because it is their take on what the director read and feels like happens on the big screen. Now, don’t get me wrong, I pictured Ian O’Shea a tal, dark, handsome man with muscles and gorgeous blue eyes with black hair, but we can still dream can’t we. I hope people will stop judging the movie before they’ve seen it.

  • Rosie

    I think I can live with the fact that Ian doesn’t have dark hair and those lush eyes. But I’ve seen the stills and oh my god he looks like a drug addict – let me crawl under a rock and die.

    • Hiddenx264

      LOL at drug addict.

    • KineHaug

      They’re not suppose to look like models after living in those caves, if that’s what you think. That’s Twilight.

  • Mmckay58

    Hey everyone, do you know where I can view the pics that were taken down? I was a few days late. :-/

    • Alemoignan

      Same here. Anyone seen them around?

  • fan

    I really like the fact that Jake Abel plays Ian. I loved him in Supernatural and in other shows/movies he starred in. He is a very good actor, and he has those gorgeous blue eyes. The hair color doesn´t matter that much as long as the actor is good!