Filming Wraps Up in New Mexico

According to the New Mexico State Film Office, filming on The Host will be wrapping up this week.  They filmed for three weeks in Alburqueque, Farmington, Shiprock, and Bernalillo.  This means that The Host is basically done filming, but you never know if they will be doing some CGI and special effects work.  After that comes a lot of editing and all that post-production entails.

Can’t wait to see what Andrew Niccol has done with this film.

Source: The Republic, Santa Fe New Mexican

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  • Susan Payne

    I can’t wait till this film comes out.  Although I am always disappointed in the movie version of every book I read, partly because I have my own preconceived pictures but mostly because the movie can never capture the essence of the what the writer says, I am still looking forward to seeing it.  On occasion a movie can surprise you and I am hoping that is the case with this one.

  • sia

    I’m excited about this ! Looks like it will be good !

  • JIll

    CGI, unless it involved actors in front of a green screen, as well as special effects are all done in post. All three, CGI; special effects; editing are post production tasks.

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  • Is it just my imagination or is there really no comments being made anymore by Stephenie about more “Host” books being written? Comments were made by her some time back about writing more, but she said it was difficult due to how busy she was with Twilight. And now she has her Production Company, Fickle Fish, preparing to produce other stuff.  “The Host” has been out for such a long time now, I’m surprised that she hasn’t written at least the second one. Most authors I read about, are anxious to keep their fans excited about upcomings books… unless there aren’t any. Does anyone know anything different? I love “The Host”. I have the softcover, hardcover, and audio. It is about my only vice in life. I really, really hope she has not abandoned it.

    • Rosie

      Don’t worry. She’s said in an interview that the film company said she had ten years to write one before niccol writes the storyline for the script himself. So it’s not like she needs to rush 🙂

    • Hiddenx264

      Yeah, she already have tentative names for the sequels: The Soul, and The Seeker. She has 10 years to write the sequels before someone else can do it for her.