Behind the Scenes Photos from New Mexico (April 16)

Some extras or minor character actors from The Host have been pretty busy sharing photos of them on set today.  Hmm, maybe not the best idea, guys.  While most of them are just of them together or with the alien contacts in, this photo shows the Seekers’ car really well.  It is actually the best view of the cars we have had.  If you want to see all of the photos, head over to The Host France.  I have included one more since it shows what the male Seekers will be wearing.

Thoughts?  Those cars look pretty cool.

Thanks to Charlotte (@KineHaug) for the heads up!

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  • Salty

    Very cool cars. 

  • Fanletter

    I SO want one of those cars.  They’re HOT!

  • Sissy12606

    Me like silver cars are hot

  • Rosie

    I bet those cars singe your eyes in that desert Sun. Have fun editting the glare out in the film!

  • Jill

    : 0

    Awesome cars! I wonder what models they are. You can also see a retro muscle car, the very last in the row, way in the back. So that’s Niccol’s future+retro visual style in one picture.

    • Jill

       “Hmm, maybe not the best idea, guys.”

      True, so save these pictures ASAP before they’re taken down!

  • Miss. Ahlorha

    They took the pictures down on The Host France site, and are asking all other blogs and sites to do the same.
    I’m disappointed because I wanted see the other pictures, but I completely understand. I wonder what will happen to the extras that sent in those pics!
    Awesome cars though, and those suits are really cool. 🙂

  • host_fan_girl


  • Sissy12606

    This is a Lotus Evora it is an 80,000 dollar car but it is gorgeous want one.

  • Kate

    Just one little question: why white??

  • ChezShay2

    2012 Lotus Evora S with 260hp, wrapped in chrome German vinyl. Doesn’t get ant better than this

    • Lotus

      Actually, it’s a 2011 Lotus Evora (normally aspirated) which has 276hp. The Lotus Evora S is supercharged with 345hp…just an fyi 😉

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  • Lisa

    Last week while driving to Tombstone and past Picacho Peak, we saw this shiny silver sports car. It was something I’d never seen. Two days ago I see the trailer with the same car in it! Could it be the same cars from the movie driving around the same area the movie/book is based?