The Host Movie News on Youtube

We started a Youtube Channel for the website hoping that we will have lots of content to share with you in the coming year.  Of course, our first video is the teaser trailer for The Host.  Can’t believe the film is almost a year away!

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  • Susan Payne

    I love the trailer!  It says it all and is compelling.  Saw it and thought, ‘That’s it!’   They caught it in a few words!  I am thinking of another current movie that failed to catch the whole gist of what the book was about.  Congratulations on a great start!

  • TwiFanGirl19

    I so can’t wait to see The Host it’s going to be so good just like the book I loved The Host book so yeah cnt wait till the movie finally come out.

  • Jazzyescobar

    Oh. Ma. Gosh!!! I can’t wait >.< I've read the book twice…and I love it! It's the best! I even begged my mom to buy me the actual book since you could buy it as an eBook…but I wanted the ACTUAL book! Gahhhhh I'm excited 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀