Scott Lawrence Plays Doc in The Host

Frances Fisher (Maggie Stryder) tweeted today that Scott Lawrence is playing Doc in The Host.

Scott Lawrence has had a lot of small parts on a lot of different movies and TV shows.  Most recently, he was in American Horror Story and Desperate Housewives.  He also had roles in Avatar and The Social Network.  We look forward to seeing Scott Lawrence in The Host.

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  • KineHaug

    Wow… I didn’t picture Doc like this, but I’m sure he’ll be great. Finally some casting news!

  • TeamBella76

    Not how I saw Doc but that’s ok ! Let’s not be racists how they were to Rue :O

    • Nicole

      I totally agree (although Rue’s dark brown skin color was mentioned in The Hunger Games; those people need to develop better reading comprehension skills). I’m super happy that they are adding some diversity to the cast! I have seen Lawrence in a few things and he was good and memorable.

      • Guest

        @ bella76: they weren’t racist since her character was killed in the book, and if they considered someone with lighter skin people would complain that the casting was racist.

        @ nicole: Well considering the main leads are Irish, English and American I think that alone is diverse, although not diverse in skin color, but in terms of nationalities and culture. Add in Kruger who I think was raised in Germany and the director who is a New Zealander. Let’s give credit where it’s due.

        • Marjolaf21

          I’m pretty sure TeamBella76 is actually talking about this

          Not the proudest moment of the Hunger Games fandom, that.

          • Nicole

            Yeah, I thought that was what TeamBella76 was referring to as well.

        • Nicole

           Ehh … I’m a mix of those (plus more), so I don’t really consider that to be very diverse. Also besides Niccol’s New Zealand background,  the cultural backgrounds probably won’t be huge influences on the film. I wasn’t saying that the movie was completely lacking diversity. It’s just nice that a film set in America will have more than just white people representing America’s diverse population.

          • Guest

            Not very diverse? LOL. Yea, whatever you say. You being a mix is irrelevant. A black mans inclusion won’t make it “very” diverse.
            It’s like when Sandra Oh’s character was asked if she spoke Chinese in Grey’s Anatomy and she responded “I grew up in Beverly Hills.”

          • Nicole

            We just have different visions of what diversity means in this case. It’s semantics. You are using diversity to mean people who were raised in different countries and with distinct cultural backgrounds. I am using diversity to mean people from differing ethnic/racial backgrounds (specific to America). When I said “not very diverse,” it was a personal opinion, not a global truth, which is why I referenced the influence (my own cultural background).  And, I never said that a black man would make it very diverse. I just said it made me happy to see some diversity (ethnically/racially).
            P.S. You don’t have to be rude. I was more than respectiful in my reply. Just because we see thing differently doesn’t mean we can’t be polite.

  • Sofi

    Totally different to what Doc was in my mind, but I guess it’ll be fine

  • I hope we get confirmation soon from a different source,  I just don’t trust that Frances twitter :/

    • Guest

      She is part of the cast so I think don’t she would lie. That would be representing the film with false PR.

      • Oh I just mean, I don’t think that’s actually Frances, her twitter account isn’t verified. Most of the actors cast have been pretty quiet, Jake Abel actually removed his Host-related tweets so I find it odd Frances is able to say this kind of information on twitter. I just hope we get confirmation soon 🙂

        • Guest

          The account seems like the real Frances because some of her posts are acknowledging New Orleans and the state of Louisiana which are used as set locations for the movie. She doesn’t specifically mention The Host so maybe that’s why the producers or whoever have not asked her to delete them. She has mentioned Abel and Irons doing yoga with her and has posted a picture of an actor who also happened to be shooting a film in the city.

          •  Other than the actor filming in the city, nothing is really substantial, I can claim I did yoga with Brad Pitt today it doesn’t make it true. I just have my reservations. I saw the picture of Baton Rouge and it was a generic sunset/sunrise, I’m just not convinced that’s all

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  • Guest

    Doc is Black?!?!?!?! No….. not in the book…. This is so dissapointing!And not to mention, the actor that plays Kyle, Boyd Holbrook looks like a weakling…
    Who was the hiring director, because he/she obviously needed to touch up on the book. Kyle is supposed to be the toughest guy in the book, requiring atleast 4 men to carry, not some weak anorexic model for gucci… And Melanie is supposed to have brown hair, sun-tanned skin, and brown eyes. Not a little Blonde Blue Eyed 17 year olf polish girl…
    & The Seeker? Really? She is supposed to resemble tan hispanic features with a very small, slender body. She is not supposed to be a tall, blonde actress! This is so dissapointing…

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