Irish Designer’s Clothes Chosen for ‘The Host’

Update: Shortly after this article was published, Ms. Murphy emailed us to correct some erroneous facts in the source article. Her designs were chosen by the costume department for the film, but not for use with either Ronan or Kruger. Hence, you may notice the changes to the article and title. Thank you, and thanks to Ms. Murphy for ensuring that we have correct information on this site. 🙂

Irish Film & Television Network published an article online this morning, announcing that an Irish designer, Sandra Murphy, was asked to submit her vintage-inspired designs for consideration in the film. An email correction from Ms. Murphy revealed that her designs have been chosen for use in the film by the costume department. You can click here to access Sandra Murphy’s webpage and see her latest line of vintage-wear. The featured image is one of the looks from this season of Murphy’s line, ‘Recollection’. Murphy comes from a long-line of ‘home sewers’, but is now based in New York and has her designs in several stores in Manhattan.

Having seen the pictures already released of the extras and seeing the home video from the edge of the set, we already knew that the filmmakers are going for a more vintage feel with the clothing with splashes for futuristic, as well, looking at their vehicle choices. It is possible that those of us who were able to see the extra’s photo before we were asked to remove it have already seen the usage of Ms. Murphy’s designs. Congratulations to Ms. Murphy on this career-impacting decision.

I know from some of the comments on the site that some of you have seen ‘The Hunger Games’ and their use of vintage apparel for the district residents. Because of the political underpinnings in ‘The Hunger Games’, it makes sense why they chose a vintage feel in contrast to the modern extravagance of the Capitol. What are your thoughts, if any, on the choice for vintage apparel in ‘The Host’?

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  • lauralynn

    Her designs are lovely. I really love them, but I don’t think they are at all appropriate for the role of Melanie.  But then the casting is too young and Ronan doesn’t look a thing like Melanie so I guess they aren’t trying to stay close to the book at all.

  • Priceless_juls

    I think they chose a vintage feel because they are going for that ideal time of the post ww2 era where a sort of peaceful happy time is imagined when we think of how the people lived then. So it would make sense why the souls would chose to dress this way.

  • JMT2cu

    I think these clothes are a great pick… I am sure that everyone who has not become a host will have a drastic contrast to what the aliens wear.