New Still from The Host of Saoirse Ronan as Melanie/Wanderer

Cineplex Movie Blog got an exclusive still from The Host.  This one is of Saoirse Ronan playing Melanie/Wanda.  I really like how Saoirse looks in this still.  It really makes her contact lenses stand out.  They look really good.

Thanks to The Host Movie Fans for making us aware of this.  I thought at first that this was a Photoshop picture, but the higher quality photo makes it pretty evident that it is not.

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  • Exactly how I pictured Wanda to look like. 😀 

  • Jill

    I have a feeling people will still moan and say “Why are they ruining the book!?”  To that particular group, I ask do you want this to be turned into a movie or not? Do you want two Oscar nominated actors involved with it who also play major roles? Do you want Andrew Niccol attached to it? If no either of them then I think we have come to an unsaid conclusion: you do not know what the eff you’re talking about.

  • Sia

    I like this ! I don’t think they’ll ruin it !

  • Alexis

    I was really unsure of Saoirse at first since I had imagined Melaine/Wanderer as tanned, dark haired, sporty and you know but this picture and the previous ones of her and Jared and the one with the window has made me re think!

  • Nena Gunn

    Very creepy! I love it, she looks frustrated in this pic, like the seeker makes her feel, I just wish she had chin length hair like in the book, just to piss off melanie, i’m gonna see the hunger games today, i’m so excited to see the sneak peek of this & breaking dawn 2 on the big screen!

  • What the…these comments???  Nevermind. I thought she looks more like Melanie in these still than in the previous ones, she looks really pretty too. I hope there’s an Ian still coming soon. 

  • Roger

    Yep … with the hair colour etc she’ll DEFINATELY pull this off!!! … One question though (and they stuffed THIS up plenty with The Twilight Saga!!!) … The eyes … in the dark or reflected light you can see the silver hue – so much that it reflects onto objects etc … BUT in the normal course of the day … the eye colour is supposed to look pretty much as the hosts normally would yes?? …