The Host Began Filming Today

I thought I would write up a little note since today is such a milestone for The Host.  I began a Twitter account for this project way back in September 2009 when it was first announced that the novel would become a film.  There was not much news on this film for a very long time.  The film even went through a director change and then Andrew Niccol stepped back into that role.  It was really exciting to hear when Saoirse Ronan was officially the first cast member of The Host.  Each cast announcement after that brought excitement and knowing the project was getting ever closer to starting to film.

I believe that most of the filming that is occuring in Louisiana are interior shots, so I don’t think we will be getting many photos of the actors at work.  Everything is under lock and key right now and that is understandable.  Maybe once filming moves to New Mexico, we will be able to see some exterior shots.  I don’t plan on posting paparazzi photos of cast members as they venture out around town, unless this is the first time we are seeing them at all.  Who knows how they look right now?  I will be refraining from pap pictures as much as I can.

Stephenie Meyer did allude to something still in the works for the fans of The Host.  I can’t wait to find out what it is.

So after over two years working on The Host Movie News, it feels like everything is starting to come full circle.  Being the novice at web design or doing anything like this on my own, there have been growing pains.  I was very fortunate to pick up Johanna as a second contributer to this site and she has helped make this endeavor even better.  I was also happy to find a great web designer, Nicole Smith, who made this site look awesome.

Thanks to all The Host fan sites who have helped us or reached out to us.  Please find the links to their sites in my “Worthy Links” area to the right.  A lot of them are international, which is great because I can’t write in any other language.

Thanks again to everyone who has visited the site.  We are about to embark on a exciting adventure as we see The Host come to fruition between now and March 29, 2013.


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  • Salty

    Hopefully we will get tiny official bits, so we don’t hate to resort to paparazzi. I support your decision when it comes to the papz.
    It truly has been a long wait for us Host fans, it’s hard to believe it’s actually happening!

  • Susan Payne

    Hoorah!  I will be so glad to see this come to the screen.  

  • Redclaw123

    I am so excited about this film becoming a reality. The book is so excellent it will be interesting to see what they do with this

  • Nicole Smith

    I’m so happy to have been a part of this website and am eager to help this site grow!