Sister Trio Joins ‘The Host’ Project


@LaHuesped_Esp (The Host en Español) found a tweet by The O’Neill Sisters (@ONeillSisters) where they announced that they were joining ‘The Host’ project. They included a link to their facebook post about it, as well.

“Excititng news we are going to be apart of the new movie The Host by Twilight author Stephanie Meyer which stars one of our own great Irish actresses Saoirse Ronan!!!YAY!!”

These sisters (Fiona, Naomi, and Evangeline) form a band from the county of Kerry, Ireland and they sing Pop, Folk, and Country style music. There was a comment after the above post asking if they were going to be acting or singing for the movie, but as of this point they have yet to answer that question.

Thanks for the heads up, @LaHuesped_Esp!

Update: I just checked the links again and it looks like both their facebook post and tweet have been removed. If anyone is still seeing them, let me know, but it seems the girls may have jumped the gun on their announcement.

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  • Isn’t it a bit early to announce people singing on the soundtrack (If that’s what it is)? Maybe they will be a part of the ‘cave people’.

  • Salty

    I find it odd that soundtrack is happening before you know…the rest of the cast, we will see

  • The girl on the right looks like Saoirse.

  • mayra

    who are they going to play 

  • Jill

    Jake Abel’s The Host related tweets were also taken down. It’s probably the producers trying to control any leakage about the film.