Interview with an Extra on the Set of ‘The Host’

This is a video shot by a guy named Alex Jones and posted on someone’s blog called ‘The Excavator‘. The blog seems to be a political truth-finding endeavor so I’m unclear about who Alex Jones is or what his relation to the author of the blog is, but you can link to the blog with the link above or just watch the video embedded below.



I think the part I found the most amusing in the video was that the extra can’t even give a good idea of what the film is about, and he’s in it! I just found that highly amusing. Can’t remember if Meyer mentions in the book that all the cars are chrome-colored, but it’ll be interesting to see how that works. I also laughed when they talked about the film being set in the future, because it’s not really a futuristic film, at least I didn’t get that feel when I read it. I saw it more as it could happen at any point, and we wouldn’t even know it was happening. Anyways, what’re your thoughts on this first peek at the film and the extras?

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  • Mynenagunn

    Well I didn’t get the “future feel” from this book either. Maybe those guys in the cream colored suits are the healers who insert Wanderer into Melanie. If it is set in the future, I hope it doesn’t screw up the better details of the movie, like the caves. That is after all, where the majority of the book takes place. Either way, I’m super excited for this movie!!! I 1st read the book in 2009, and have been hooked since then. I’m all about aliens! And yes I do believe they exist!

  • First look at The Host being filmed is pretty big.  I am surprised that there have been no pictures yet.  It looks like there is not much security around, so hopefully soon we will be able to see some photos of the cast.

  • This was fun to watch, for some reason, let’s hope for set pictures next.

  • i like that the only difference is the cars! i mean really, think about the future and walking down the street, what would you expect be different? i wouldn’t expect flying cars and hovercrafts for walking. so i love the look of this. simple.
    and i agree with you Mynenagunn, it is said in the book that the healers appear separate by their white coats. and they are  revered in their society, even tho even one is meant to be equal, so i would think that they would wear their coats out and about like our DRs do.
    loving this!!! lol, more pics please!!!

  • Jill

    The extra can’t even articulate what the project’s about. How embarrassing. Oh well! It was cool to see what Niccol is doing for the costumes.

  • Jeronimo

    The book is set into the future but we don’t know when. It could be tomorrow or maybe thousands years after. It also says in the book that the only difference is that they use spaceships instead of airplanes.

  • Anonymous

    Alex Jones has a radio show about conspiracy theories and a website about what he thinks the government of the US is up to.  I feel pretty strongly he isn’t an extra in this movie.   He probably just happened upon the set…

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