First Official Still for Saoirse Ronan’s Byzantium

Byzantium is a film Saoirse Ronan had been filming prior to moving on to The Host (which if the dates are correct starts filming in five days).  The first official still for the film has been released.  Saoirse costars with Gemma Arterton, and they both play vampires.  There is no release date yet.  Synopsis from Bloody Disgusting:

“On the run for murder, two young “sisters” arrive penniless at an English seaside town. Clara is a fiercely modern woman who has her eyes on the future and no time for the past. Teenager Eleanor is shy and innocent. Yet they both hide the same secrets: they are really mother and daughter, and they are both … vampires!

Eleanor is exhausted by 200 years on the run and desperate to settle down. But little does she know that her mother has been protecting her all of the years from their own kind, “The Brotherhood”. To escape them, they must either blend in or continue running away. But just as they think they may have escaped, their past rapidly catches up with them.”

Photo Source: Saoirse Ronan Web

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  • Salty

    They look like sisters 😛 Will watch for Saoirse R. and Neil J., not a big fan of Gemma

  • Susan Payne

    Can’t wait to see this movie also!  Good to know filming is beginning soon for The Host and I have been impatient – wish I was on the set to see it being made!  It is going to be cool.

  • Jill

    The entire cast seems solid. Neil Jordan with Moira Buffini – “Jane Eyre” (2011) –  as director and screenwriter, then the cinematographer who did “Shame” and “Hunger”, editor Tony Lawson who teamed up with Jordan in his past films and costume designer Consolata Boyle who did Hellen Mirren’s “The Queen” and Meryl Streep’s “The Iron Lady.” I have a feeling this will turn out to be a very solid drama/horror picture.

  • Vanessa

    This movie sounds exiting! Can’t wait for it to come.
    Also, seeing Saorise in this picture makes me rethink what I wrote a couple of posts ago. I couldn’t picture her as Melanie, because of her hair, etc.. Know I think she can actually be a great Melanie. She is a great actress, after all, just have to get used to the thought.