Diane Kruger and the Benefit of Playing a ‘Hollywood’ Alien

Indiewire interviewed Kruger (‘The Seeker’) about her recent film portrayal of Marie Antionette. A concern was raised that if Kruger is becoming involved in what could be the next “blockbuster franchise”, would it mean the end of her acting in smaller, indie films. Her response was a resounding ‘no’, but at the same time, she talks about how she enjoys acting in Hollywood films, as well, and that she would not choose just one or the other. She also talked about how she would not play an alien in a European film because of the amount of emotions and personal life she would need to bring to the project. Below is the section of the article about ‘The Host’. Clicking on the link at the beginning of this article will allow you to read the full Indiewire text.

“Right now, the actress is shooting “The Host” in Louisiana for director Andrew Niccol. Based on Stephenie “Twilight” Meyer‘s other mega-bestseller, Kruger plays an alien known as The Seeker, in what is clearly being pitched as a potential new blockbuster franchise. And with the as-yet-unwritten third book rumored to be titled “The Seeker,” we can only imagine that if all goes to plan, Kruger will find herself a bigger star than ever in a few years’ time. But as to whether this will spell the end of her involvement in smaller, arthouse or foreign films, Kruger is adamant:

“I would get bored if I just did one or the other [big films or small]. Because if you have no money you have to make decisions faster, you have to be prepared, but they’re very satisfying creatively because you have to be so in touch with your emotions. The Hollywood thing is fun too because a lot of the characters are larger then life, there’s a lot of fiction and [you get to] invent more, in a way — right now I’m playing an alien. I would never make a movie in Europe about that. I feel like European cinema tends to be more reality-driven and you have to bring more personally, maybe, to a part.””

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  • Pwooden

    The term “Seeker” in The Host is a career name similar to a policeman or detective, who hunts down fugitive human resistors.  The Seeker in the third novel would probably not be the same person, especially since, at the the end of the book, the Seeker in The Host was shipped off to a distant planet so far away she could not return to earth for centuries.

    • well put!! and i agree, although Stephenie has said that the follow up books probably wont be able Wanda and Mel and could be set in the future, soooooo. . .that could be the set up for the seeker coming back to this world after being shipped of. granted, everyone she was looking for would be dead, but you never know!! lol

    • Whoever wrote the article over at Indiewire probably didn’t bothered reading The Host