An Extra’s Photo from Behind-the-Scenes of The Host

An extra on The Host in Louisiana tweeted a photo of herself with other extras while behind-the-scenes.  Looks like they are going for a 50s feel in the costumes.

*Photo Removed*

Open Road Films asked us to take the picture down.

Source: Mandi Ridgdell, Amo The Host

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  • So this movie is set in the 50’s…? Why?

    • Angie

      They could be going for a Stepford Wives thing.  Where everyone is perfect, dresses the same way, does the same thing, etc….  Basicaly how the souls act in the book.  Maybe they think the 50’s was the era they liked the best.  I really hope that is what it is and the movie is not set in the 50’s, that would ruin the whole thing.

      • Marjolaf21

        I think that’s what’s happening. The Stepford wives thing, not the set in the 50’s thing.

        I was thinking more Pleasantville (or Mayberry, as they say in the novel, in chapter 11), but it’s the same general idea. Whenever Hollywood wants to represent cookie-cutter, brainwashed “perfection”, they always seem to fall back on the 50’s esthetic.

        You only have to look at the car shown in the video featured in the previous post. They didn’t have those in the 50’s.

        • Nicole

           I completely agree. I forgot about the Mayberry reference.

          Also, at second glance, the 2 outfits on the right are closer to the 1960s style and the yellow dress looks like it is from the 30s/40s.

        • lol, they sure didn’t!
          and i agree RE the Stepford wife’s thing.

      • Nicole

        Stepford Wives was my first thought too! Besides the perfection and group mentality, I imagined the “soul-humans” being conservative/modest, which then makes me think of the 1950s.

    • Jill

       It’s not. It’s just Andrew Niccol’s visual style which he uses in most of his films: In Time, Gattaca and S1m0ne were all set in the near/distant future and somehow it gave a very unique feel to it. The clothes didn’t date the film’s at all.

  • I expected something more futuristic

  • Jeronimo

    In the Hunger Games movie they used 50s style clothes. I think I like it.

  • Brittany R.

    it’s not set in the 50’s.. they’re just going for a 50’s feel. the 50’s style clothing has been used in many futuristic films before eg Gattica and it is usually to convey a sense of conservatism in the society which they’re trying to portray. i love the look, when Stephenie describes the scene where they capture Wanda’s new body it reminded me of a 1950’s feel neighborhood so i like this direction 🙂