Saoirse Ronan Visits Volunteer Lifeboat Crew While Filming ‘Byzantium’

An article on ‘Afloat: Ireland’s sailing and boating magazine’ published an article yesterday with pictures of Saoirse Ronan and a volunteer lifeboat crew. Apparently while filming ‘Byzantium’, she made a surprise visit to the boat crew to learn about what the charity does. You can view the original article here.

This doesn’t really apply to our movie of interest, but I do think it’s interesting that, with filming for ‘The Host’ starting in less than a month, that she is still finishing up ‘Byzantium’. Seems like there won’t be much of a break between projects for our lead actress.

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  • Mayra

    She has brown hair now ahhh i cant wait for them to start filming 🙂

  • Salty

    Seems like she’s gonna go straight from one movie to another, must be tiring

  • MayraSalty

    She’ll be fine when it comes to transitioning from one character to another. Michael Fassbender had significant parts in four movies last year  and all four were shot in 2010.

  • the first thing i noticed was the hair! when its short shoots, like 4-6 weeks, they tend to do a lot in one go. i’m sure she will be fine, she is a professional! a very good one at that!