Photo of the Script

One of our followers passed along a photo of the cover page of the script for The Host.  It is an old version as it as it clearly says that the revisions are by Susanna White.  Susanna White used to the director of The Host between when Andrew Niccol stepped down and then decided to step in again.

Thanks Charlotte (@KineHaug)!

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  • Salty

    Interesting. I wonder when the script will leak.

  • Kellandang

    AH! cant waitttt.

  • Anonymous

    This is taking forever but I know with Twilight and everything you must be busy.  Love your writing.  I wish you had another book coming out.  Any ideas?

  • Humayrarashid

    I heard other books will be written. Is it true?

  • Elenagilbert

    Yea other books will be released they are called ” the soul ” and the other is called ” the seeker ” stephenie meyer has not yet told anybody the release date.

  • Kevvin


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  • Anonymous

    Trying to read the words on the other side of the page to no avail 🙁