‘Guest of a Guest’ Interviews Max Irons

An interview was posted today by Daniel Reynolds, a writer for the ‘Guest of a Guest’ site. In it, Max Irons (who will be playing the role of Jared in ‘The Host’) talks about what it was like to model for Macy’s INC line for Spring 2012, as well as what attracted him to ‘The Host’ film and where in the production process they are currently at. You can read the full interview below:

What attracted you to INC? What does it mean for you to be the face of a fashion brand?

I’m very honored. But it’s lovely when you find yourself modeling clothes … that you feel comfortable in, and are very similar to what you wear. INC’s great because it takes fairly classic items and kind of brings them up to date and makes them modern, and kind of cool.

So you’re an actor by trade and profession. Did your work as an actor prepare you for modeling?

[laughs] No.

Were there any surprises or challenges you found?

How uncomfortable you can feel in your own body in front of the camera… just standing there, it was terrible. I don’t know why, but I suppose as an actor you’ve always something going on up here [points to head] which distracts you from just how physically awkward you can be as a human being.

Apart from INC, what designers do you like? What’s your style and what (or who) do you usually wear?

It’s always cold in London, probably similar to New York, and I have a Prada coat. It’s my favorite thing, it’s very simple … kind of classic. I like simple looks, not too much clutter. I like ACNE, A.P.C. Just keep it clean.

As an actor do you have any role models?

James Dean. He was effortlessly cool. Young Clint Eastwood. I suppose you never want to look like you’re trying to hard, and I don’t think they ever did. They just got it right.

So The Host! What attracted you to this role?

Science fiction. I’ve always loved science fiction. But I suppose it was the casting, the director, and Stephenie herself, which attracted me. I mean, I’m not too familiar with Twilight, but she’s definitely, she’s tapped into something … young people’s psychology. I don’t know what she does, but it really works. The Host is such a great book, and having Andrew Niccol, who is kind of famed for his science fiction, at the helm is comforting, and Saoirse Ronan, who was Oscar-nominated [when she was so young]. In the screen tests, she’s so good, it’s unnerving…

What stage of production are you at?

Going down there this afternoon. I know nothing!

*Author’s note: The film is slated to shoot in Louisiana and New Mexico.

If you weren’t an actor, what field would you be in right now?

I’d probably be a teacher. I’ve always quite liked kids.

What are some of your favorite bars, nightlife in New York City?

I’m so bad with stuff like that. I tend to have friends, and I’ll say, “Take me somewhere,” and they say, “great.” Bars? I don’t know. I prefer house parties. I prefer … gatherings at people’s houses. Or just going to the pub, a real pub culture. Bars take a bit more effort, I think.

If you could choose a superpower, would it be the power of flight or the power of invisibility?

Definitely flight. If you’ve got a superpower, you want people to know about it. And with invisibility, you might start getting a bit weird… Would you be spying on people? Would you be going into girl’s locker rooms? You’d still be a pervert, even if you’re a super.

Any parting comments for Guest of a Guest?

Come and buy INC at Macy’s!

I liked the part where he mentioned how Ronan (who will be playing the lead character of Melanie) was ‘so good, it’s unnerving’ during the screen tests. That sounds really promising (although when they talked about the incredible chemistry between Rob and Kristin with Twilight, I got all excited and then still ended up being disappointed – here’s hoping this project is ten times better than that one!).

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  • Salty

    I actually saw the video of him for the Macy’s campaign, I was sold immediately, I’d buy a paperbag if he sold it to me haha! I’m not as familiar with his acting but he does have a “something”

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  • Christina R1987

    Now I got from the book, Jared was supposed to be more of a manly man not a pretty boy. Hes supost to be rough & tough. Just my opinion!

  • Rylee9

    I’m not surprised Ronan “unnerved” him. That girl is one ferocious talent!

    • brianna

       i agree, that is not surprising at all…saoirse is on a level of her own.