Diane Kruger Talks The Host at Fashion Show

Diane Kruger (pictured here with Cameron Diaz) who will be playing The Seeker in The Host was at the Atelier Versace fashion show in Paris.  She spoke to Women’s Wear Daily about The Host:

“‘I play The Seeker. It’s a love triangle, of course, but it’s about aliens coming into human bodies and taking over,’ she explained. ‘Earth has been occupied by all these aliens and The Seeker is trying to find the last humans.'”

Source: Women’s Wear Daily, Photo By Stéphane Feugère

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  • Christina R1987

    I really hope they make her up to look like the seeker. With black hair and stuff.

    • Christina R1987

      No actually, Now that I have had time to think about it Kurger looks nothing at all like the seeker. shes supposed to be very short with black chin length hair. How are you supposed to make a tall model short? It’s impossible!!!

      • yes, but she is an amazing actress, so surely that trumps what she looks like?

  • Christina R1987

    No it doesn’t trump shit…