Casting Call for Extras has posted that one of their readers brought this extra casting call to their attention. It seems to be a listing from Craig’s List and reads as follows:

The feature film, “The Host,” written and directed by Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, In Time), based on the Stephanie Meyer (Twilight Series) book, will be filming in the Baton Rouge area beginning Mid-February.

We’ll need some athletic, attractive, well-kept, put-together extras on the tall side (Men 5’10″ an up, women 5’6″ and taller).

Men and women of all ethnicities, between 18 and 50, who fit the above description are welcome to attend our Casting Call!

If interested, stop by our office (address below) and we’ll take your photo on site (please don’t bring one– we’ll just throw it away) and collect some information about you on a Size Card (height, weight, etc.) It’s a chance for us to see you “in real life,” which, because there aren’t very many extras on this show, is very important to the director, who is very specific about what he wants.

LOCATION: 9215 Interline Avenue, First Floor, Baton Rouge LA 70809

TIME: Between 10:00AM and 3:00PM– whenever you can make it. Should take about 20 minutes.

WARDROBE: Please, little or NO makeup/ hair product. The director is in to a more natural look. Please come in neat, clean casual to business-casual clothes that show off your body type, but nothing shiny or bright– natural/ neutral tones are best (think greys, browns and khakis)


++ Please, no children under 18 years old
++ This is only for people available for work in the Baton Rouge area

RPM Casting

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  • Lion

    Why do they need “tall and attractive” extras?

    • Because it’s a Stephenie Meyer movie? x)

  • Val Diaz

    im 15 ):

  • Christina R1987

    Why??? Because they only want tall, sninny & beautiful. That’s what this world has came to. Pretty sad & pathetic in my opinion. I guess if aliens ever really take over only tall, skinny & beautiful people will survive lol…

  • they want athletic people because the ones living in the caves lead a hard life. they have to work for their food. they would end up being very athletic looking.
    not sure on the tall thing. unless that is just a point in the story, to maybe make Wanda look more out of place, or a reason for her to be scared.
    i am sure, 100%, Andrew knows what hes doing! hes been doing this for a long time. and hes not just ok at it, hes fantastic at it, so cut him some slack!

  • Jacque Darcy

    One would think that living in caves as a tribe would make one care less about “being attractive.” Like wtf Stephanie Meyer? Talk one step away from realism. What’s next clothes that were purchased with stone and twigs from Nomadic GAP?

    • Jacque Darcy

      *take one step

    • Salty

      Is Meyer in charge of the casting tho?

  • Salty

    Wow, first time I see a casting call cause such a stir