Boyd Holbrook Is Kyle O’Shea

Boyd Holbrook will be playing Kyle O’Shea in The Host, alongside Jake Abel as Kyle’s brother, Ian.  Boyd was born September 1, 1981.  He has had parts in the TV series, The Big C, and will be in the upcoming series, Hatfields & McCoys.  He also had a part in the film, Milk, with Sean Penn.

I am also going to say that he used to be a model since a quick Google image search of his name makes this apparent.

Do these two actors look alike enough for you?  I can’t wait to see them standing next to each other in the film.

Source: Variety

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  • Salty

    For a moment I thought it was Tom Felton! Haha!

  • @512862f5d0ba1052a240cc748fb586fd:disqus That was my first reaction as well! Holbroock is so hot, I’ll be on Team Kyle from now on! Can’t wait for news about the rest of the cast! Maggie and Sharon next?

  • Nicole

    This guy is hot! Plus he looks like he could be Jake Abel’s brother. It reminds me of the part in the story where Kyle says, “You got the brains; I got the looks. Seems fair.” I wonder if he will wear a prosthetic nose. It looks like out of the main characters we are only missing Doc and Pet (I guess we could include Aunt Maggie and Sharon, too). So exciting!

    • The casting of Pet will be the most important now, especially if they’re making three movies. Since she’ll be the main character, I really hope they’re choosing someone special.

      • if another movie/book is made Stephenie has already said the likely hood is that it won’t be about Wanda or Mel, but about another out post of humans or set in the future.
        so the likely hood is that most in this movie wouldnt play a great deal in another.

        • Nicole

          Really? That’s interesting and a little sad. It would be cool to learn about other survivors, but I really wanted to see more of the blossoming relationship between Wanda and Ian.

          • Luna

            Hm, do you know which interview? I thought I read somewhere that the next book (which would be called the Soul, while the last would be called the Seeker) would pick up where the Host left off. But I can’t find that interview either now. I have read that if she ever decides to continue the Twilight saga she’ll most likely write about some of the oter characters, though…. But I might be wrong.

          • I have never heard of that, Sarah. I’d like to see the interview. If that’s true, it’s really sad news, and I can’t really understand why Meyer would do that.

          • she said she wasn’t interested in a series, but rather the world in which they live in. that is why she is not so fussed about rushing any of the other books, because it would be in the future anyway.
            it was a video, not an interview. i’ll have a look, but it was around when i first read the host, back in 2009, so i cant Guarantee i’ll be able to find it!
            she also said she never said the titles for any other books to anyone in the press, the seeker, the soul. so she was really shocked that that got out there, because it was only her and her team talking about possible other books.

          • Hiddenx264

            2 months late, but here it is: the link to the interview where she states the sequels’s titles.

    • I’m very curious about Wes. It’s one of the nicest characters in the book, in my opinion 🙂

  • MollyMoon

    Yea, they do look a like 🙂

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  • god, googl’ing his name is freaky! he looks like he could be Jake Abel’s brother! cant wait to see his acting skills tho

  • Eileen

    As long as he can pull off Kyle’s angst and rage, we’ll be doing fine. Those brooding blue eyes look perfect!

  • Cumberbatch

    I hope people realize that most of the “main” characters in the book will probably have less screen time when compared to Mel/Wanda.

  • Lisa

    There both hot and could so pass for brothers. Im so looking forward to this movie i adore all of Stephenie Meyer books..

  • Nik

    well , congratulations to them . but whatever it is , both of them need to buff up lots more because i recalled that the o’shea’s brothers are big , muscly type right ?

    • H Billman

      I absolutely thought the same, when I read the book I pictured Kyle in particular to be large and overpowering, this actor looks at little weedy at the moment!  Ian wasn’t as big as kyle from my recollection, but I hope he’s quite tall as that is how he comes across, tall and strong! 🙂

  • GF

    Am I the only person who thinks the casting for this movie  is completely wrong?! The only actors that I agree with so far (not that my agreeing is important, I know) are the ones cast for Uncle Jeb and Jamie. Idk about Diane Kruger for the seeker, the perfect actress for that would have been that girl that played Josie in Josie and the pussycats. Jake Abel and Boyd look alike in the sense that they are both blonde, white, and blue eyes. Max Irons looks like a 15 years old. The other two are not buff enough and neither Ian nor Kyle were blonde as far as I remember. Jai Courtney would have been the perfect kyle.

    • MayraSalty

      You cast for looks you get looks. You cast for more than looks and may actually get a decent performance. I think the producers want the latter.

    • Austinthekelly

      I agree GF, casting for this seems wrong, I only think Saoirse Ronan and Max Irons are the only decent people they gotton for this film. Dont look really anything they should look like. This Boyd charactor will need to become very muscular to be Kyle and the same with Jake.

  • Christina R1987

    Yes I also have to agree he needs to start eating his spinach… I know movies are never as good as the book but they better not mess up the main characters the brothers in the book have black hair. Please please please do not mess up this movie. I truly believe it could be amazing.

    • but do you think it would be amazing because you end up with people who are a dead ringer for these fictional characters? or because they are able to play a fantastic performance of the story? i would rather an amazing performance, and people able to pull these characters off, than look at screen for 2 hours and all i get at then end is, well, at least he looks like Ian should!

      • Jacque Darcy

        Sara Pascoe the voice of rationality! XX

      • Christina R1987

        I know they can change hair color and shit, so dont go geting all offensive on me. Just speaking my opinion. I like the fact that Jake Abel is playing Ian. I’m just not too sure about Boyd being Kyle. I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.

        • sorry, I was asking a real question?! and I was just
          speaking my opinion as well. in my opinion casting on looks is a waste because,
          like you say, that can be changed.

          but it would be out of this world if they were able to get
          the amazing performances that this story deserves, along with the right look
          for the individual characters.

          I just think performance should come first, then appearance.

  • Kathleena Miller

    that is a perfect charicter for kyle i can tell allready!!!!