Abel Comments on Ian’s Wardrobe

Around 9:30 pm EST this evening, Jake Abel tweeted a comment about his wardrobe for the character of Ian. He reported that:

“Ian’s wardrobe = bitchin’ as hell…think desert pirate & Steve McQueen 70’s cool. #TheHostMovie

I’m not really sure what to think about this revelation. I don’t remember Ian being described as a pirate, or as a throwback to the 70s, but maybe that’s just me. My dad, being more familiar with Steve McQueen than I am, said that he used to wear different leather jackets and such, so that may be the meaning behind that part. He and I both thought of the Mad Max movies when hearing ‘desert pirate’, so maybe it just means eclectic. That would make sense since, if the people have been living in this community for awhile, they would be putting together their wardrobes with whatever pieces they could find.

You can follow Jake Abel’s twitter account at @MrJakeAbel.

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  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait till we get our first look. He’s definitely got me thinking…

  • Salty

    Desert pirate? Haha okay. At least he seems excited 🙂

  • Nicole

    Definitely eclectic! Whatever they can scavenge is what they wear, which is what a lot of pirates did. It sounds like they are approaching the wardrobe realistically but still making it look cool. Mad Max definitely fits the desert pirate description. My first thought after reading Jake’s decription was in the form of the image below (I also kept picturing a young Han Solo … haha):

  • Sia

    ok I’m just excited ! WE need more pictures

  • Hollywood_trigger

    Now I’m intrigued!!! 😀 I NEED at least one picture of the cast!!!!