Updated Website

Hey Guys!  Just a little note to state the obvious.  The website got changed a little bit to make it a bit more functional and look better.  The post area has changed.  It has been enlarged and posts will now be on a lighter color and darker text.  Hopefully, it will be easier to read and looks better.  The columns have been merged to only the right column.  The column will be a bit wider, but our website designer is a little under the weather at the moment.  That should not drastically change anything.

I wanted the website to look better and be easy to use considering the amount of news that is coming our way 2012. I cannot believe that principal photography is starting in less than two months!

I hope you like the changes.  Let me know what you think!

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  • Sia

    Looks great to me ! I can’t wait till we get this movie going 🙂 Should be fun !

  • It looks amazing, good job!

  • Salty

    I hate to be the Debbie Downer, but in my comp the sidebar is waaay to big compared to the actual post 😛 but whatever it wont stop me from reading.

    • That is what happened to me the first time I loaded the site after it was changed. I hit refresh and it fixed it.

      • Salty

        It works! 😀 Thanks

  • BlueEyes

    Like the layout and have a question you maaay or may not possibly be able to answer for me. ^_^;; I saw before that everywhere had The Host listed as going to be filming in Louisiana AND New Mexico, but now the articles about it only mention it filming in Louisiana starting February and wrapping in April. Did they pull the plug on the New Mexico bit? O.o