Saoirse Ronan Signs on for Book Adaptation

Variety reported yesterday evening that our ‘The Host’ headliner, Saoirse Ronan, has signed on for a film adaptation of Meg Rosoff’s book “How I Live Now”. You can read the article here:

“Hanna” star Saoirse Ronan is set to topline Kevin Macdonald’s “How I Live Now,” an indie drama based on the 2004 novel by Meg Rosoff.

Ronan will play Daisy, a teenage girl from New York City who travels to England to spend the summer with family in the English countryside. When World War II breaks out and insurgents invade, Daisy and a younger girl named Piper must survive alone in the woods as they try to make it to safety.

Jeremy Brock (Macdonald’s “The Last King of Scotland”) and Tony Grisoni wrote the script. Film 4 is producing the pic with Charles Steel and Alasdair Flind of Cowboy Films.

Ronan is currently filming Neil Jordan’s “Byzantium” and will next be seen opposite Alexis Bledel in Geoffrey Fletcher’s teen assassin pic “Violet & Daisy.” Irish thesp is also set to topline Andrew Niccol’s adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s young adult novel “The Host.”

Ronan is repped by CAA and Macfarlane Chard.

What’s interesting to me is to look at the films that Ronan is choosing to participate in lately. Starting with ‘Hanna’, her films seem to be largely survival-based. I’m not sure if ‘Byzantium’ fits with that category, but since ‘Hanna’, she has signed on for ‘The Host’, the “Violet and Daisy” film mentioned in the above article where she plays a teen assassin, and now this film where she is having to survive in the woods during WWII. I’m not against an actress choosing to play tough-girl characters at all, in fact I applaud it, but I also worry that she may end up type-casting herself and only be able to land similar roles in the future, as well. I’ve always been impressed by actors (and actresses) who were able to play a wide range of characters as that shows their true acting potential.

Do you guys feel that she may putting herself in a box that could hurt her future career? Other thoughts?

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  • Rougebaissers


    • Jill

      Evan Rachel Wood is 3 years older (not that it actually matters) than than Melanie, who is 21 by the end of the novel, and is one inch taller than Ronan who is about 5’6. There isn’t  much of a difference. Acting wise Ronan is stronger than Wood, and that’s pretty much fact.

  • Martha

    Byzantium is a horror movie. And Violet and Daisy is a dark comedy. I dont know if you’re insinuating that she hasn’t played “a wide range of characters” but if going from playing a spoiled British brat to an American rape victim to a German assassin isnt showing enough range for a young actress then i’m not sure what more u can do to show “range”. 

     And at her age, i’m not sure what you’re specifically looking to see her do….high-school teen comedies? weak-willed supporting characters rather than playing a strong lead?   idk.Sidenote, is it me or if a young male actor started racking up the hero roles no one would ever say he’s being type-cast, he’d be congratulated.Yet if a girl starts continuously playing the strong hero, people start getting concerned and ask “why?”.

  • Salty

    I actually think of The Host more as a romance story than a survival one, so to me, it’s varied enough (?) I actually don’t think Saoirse has played the ~girl in love in any of her movies, we will get to see this new side of her at least. Also if there is something I enjoyed about The Host is Wanda’s internal monologue cracking me up, I hope the humor makes it to the screen too.

    About this new project, seems like a good one. What I *have* noticed is that she seems to pick Oscar nominated/winner directors, she reminds me in a way to how Leo DiCaprio chooses his projects.

    • Jill

      True about the director comparison, but when Leo chooses a role it  kinda scream “I hope this gets me an Oscar.” Only now, with Tarantino’s upcoming project is he actually branching out in another genre = dark, exploitive comedy.

  • Jill

    About typecasting: No. Definitely not.

    Typecasting is when an actor is playing the same role over and over. Continuing elements, such as survival, does not necessarily mean being typecast. It all depends on the nature of the role and the characteristics  of the character.  I’ll do a break down since her break out.

    Atonement: British time period piece. She plays a bright, but flawed young teenager. Briony is calculating and methodical.

    City of Ember: plays a regular teenager girl trying solve a mystery that would save her underground city.

    TLB: murdered girl. Susie Salmon is intuitive yet naive, sweet yet demanding all the while as innocent as a new born.

    The Way Back: plays an orphaned Polish girl who brings discussion and sensitivity to the group of men she befriends. This is a survival movie.

    Hanna: plays a socially inept teenager. Trained assassin, but she soon realizes that her training is inadequate.  

    Violet & Daisy: dark comedy. Plays Daisy, the optimistic assassin to Violet’s cynical, smart mouth personality.

    Byzantium: mother-daughter drama of being vampires. She befriends a boy dying from leukemia which prompts her to face her immortality.

    The Host: strong headed and independent Stryder.

    How I Live Now: haven’t read it.

    The only thing in common that all her films have, besides Atonement, is survival like you stated, but that’s just an element that is the background,  in which it doesn’t dominate (until two of her latest).

    We also have to realize there aren’t a lot of quality roles for young, female actors. Most of the roles she is up for are coveted (read: better than most, if not all roles available).

    • Jill

      Actors who plays similar roles that share the same traits. Key word it traits –

      Michael Cera playing the shy hipster,  Joe Black playing the
      lovable chubby guy, Bill Murray playing the sarcastic funny guy, Jackie Chan playing the martial arts expertise etc.

  • Luna

    So I was going to say “NO!” and tell you why, but I guess you guys have covered everything. So… NO!

    Ronan is nothing like how I imagined Melanie (although she could have made a decent Pet) and still I am super excited. She is such a wonderful actress that I’m sure she’ll be great, and I’m pretty sure that we all want someone talented enough to pull off both Melanie and Wanda’s personalities than someone who simply looks right. Can’t wait to see her in action!

  • Possibly. She could just be on a sort of power trip by wanting to be AWESOME! lol And she is young. Its hard to do dark dramas. ANd her work in Atonement would hardly limit her. She can be anything and she is simply exploring one of those “anythings.” 😉 

  • Mel

    I read the entire article and I have to say I pulled a “Huh?”

    What does survival based have to with being typecast and “putting herself in a box that could hurt her future career”?  It’s not a genre like comedy or action thrillers. It’s part of the overall plot. It seems that book fans, or at least those who aren’t familiar with Ronan’s career, are creating these weird and far-fetched assumptions  about her role choices. Compared to other young actor, her past roles are rather diverse. Violet and Daisy is a comedy and isn’t survival based. Byzantium is horror w/ vampires. Hanna is an action thriller.  Out of all the movies you’ve listed How I Live Now is the closest survival based movie, but I expect that to be more of a character study.

    She’s about as farthest away of being put in a box.

  • Carlosjcom

    she s like the girl at the ending…17,18 years old..blond, pretty face, young etc..

  • Christina R1987

    Dont hate on me, if u dont agree dont be an ass about it. I kinda think Selena Gomez would have been a good Melanie. She has the dark hair and the sun browned skin. Plus she looks like she would be from Mexico.