Ronan’s Reinvented Locks

Pictures surfaced from a book signing yesterday that show ‘The Host’ headliner Saoirse Ronan sporting a new, darker hair color. There’s no confirmation that this is for our favorite Ronan project and her part as brunette, olive-skinned Melanie Stryder, since she is also working on a mother-daughter vampire flick due out next year. I could not find any pictures from Byzantium released yet to match her hair color to, so it is open to speculation right now.

(Update: Jill has kindly provided us with set pictures from ‘Byzantium’ where you can plainly see that Ronan has darkened her hair for that project. We will have to wait and see if they make further changes to her hair when she transitions into filming for ‘The Host’ in February. Thanks, Jill!)

There was also an article late last month about how quickly Ronan picked up piano playing for her part in ‘Byzantium’. It seems our girl works very hard when she puts her mind to something (‘Hanna’ anyone?), which, in my opinion, promises some great work on her part in ‘The Host’.

Any thoughts on Ronan as a brunette and if she’s looking more like the Melanie you imagined?

Thanks to Salty for the tip!

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  • Salty

    I think it’s a good color for her, not too dark

  • Anonymous

    Talented actress.  I do not have a problem with her playing Melanie.  I used to when I thought of her in Lovely Bones but she looks more like Melanie here and I am sure she can pull it off.  Just waiting for the movie to come out is hard.

  • Ian’s_Girl

    I think it suits her!!!! Can’t wait for the movie to come out!!!!

  • Jill

    The color change is for her current project directed by Neil Jordan
    titled “Byzantium.” Gemma Arterton player her mother and both have dark
    red/black hair. Here’s a link of set photos that reveals Arterton’s hair color:

  • Sia

    oh well it still works for us after she’s done filming that other movie. 

  • Jill

    Here are some set pics of Ronan on the set of  “Byzantium.”