Jake Abel Prepping for The Host

Jake Abel who will play Ian O’Shea tweeted a picture today as he is preparing for his role in The Host.  I think this counts as the first actor to tweet about The Host.  Looks like Jake is putting on some muscle to look like a working farm boy in the caves.  Pretty cool!

This little 25lbs monster is kicking my A$$ for all that The Host farm work!

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  • Salty


  • daisy

    cant wait for the movie!

  • Mabel

    Hahaha! My boyfriend uses the exact same workout device which is stuffed with soybeans! I hope Jake is training with a professional trainer because this type of equipment does damage on the the knees, shoulders and elbows.

  • Lelecnt

    For real, I thinks tha none of the actors look like the actual characters! I think a perfect Jared would be Jensen Ackles, a perfect Melanie would be Sophia bush, a perfect Ian would be Max Irons and a perfect Jamie would be Josh Hutcherson, just saying, they changed way too much this thing! 

    • Jill

      Wait, how is casting actors who don’t look like the characters can be equated to “changed way too much this thing”? Plot and character arc is the essence of a movie that drives whether or not a film is faithful to its written version, not so much actors matching their written character’s physical attributes.

      • I agree 100% Jill!! The things that Hollywood can do these
        days with people’s appearances almost makes the look of an actor obsolete!

        My only worry when the actors were named was
        their ages. But in all fairness, their acting pedigree is rather good. I’ve
        seen all the main 3 acting, and I’m thinking they have a good chance at pulling
        this off. Especially with Andrew at the helm.