Casting Rumors (December 2011)

It has come to my attention that there are a couple of casting rumors out there that need to be addressed.

Bradley Steven Perry is currently listed as being cast as Jamie on IMDB.

Neve Campbell has been associated with The Host through a tweet that was sent out by @FilminNewMexico. (Thanks, Salty, for pointing that out).  I am going with her character being The Seeker.

I can confirm that no one has been cast in these roles.  That is coming straight from one of the production companies for The Host to us.  This does not mean that these actors could be auditioning for the roles, but no one has been officially cast.

The only roles that have been cast are Melanie Stryder, Ian O’Shea, Jared Howe, and Uncle Jeb.  We anticipate the rest of the roles will be cast in the next month since production is to start in February 2012.

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  • Thanks for clearing that up! But IF Campbell were to be cast, it would be absolutely amazing! She’s a very talented actress!

  • Salty

    I think Campbell would be a good Seeker 🙂

  • Salty

    I think Campbell would be a good Seeker 🙂

  • Mel

    By a resource that knows parents whose children are auditioning for Jamie Stryder, Bradley has NOT been cast for the role. Close sources say that he isn’t even a finalist and was on a book fans “wish list.” The announcement will be revealed after the holidays.

  • Carlosjcom

    :S he doesnt look like jamie at all…

  • Tarynstahls

    Thank God.  That Disney kid would have been a horrible Jamie.  Get a dramatic film actor, not Disney cheese!!!

    • COry

      Are you just saying that because he’s on Disney? There aren’t a lot of “dramatic” kid actors and I’ve seen a couple of clips of him and he’s not nearly as bad as one would think. I wouldn’t mind if he was chosen.

      • kylie

        the kid is way over the top.  that style of acting doesn’t belong in this film considering the confirmed cast.

        • COry

          Have you seen his clips? He plays within his own bounds most of the time and doesn’t force it like other child actors. Considering that the film isn’t Disney I would like to think that he wouldn’t act like that. So yea, you’re pulling the gun a tad bit too early. Name one kid that we know of that doesn’t over act that’s under 14?  They can do a lot worse if Bradley is chosen.

          • kylie

            I will name a few:
            Dakota Goyo
            Chandler Canterbury
            Ty Sympkins
            Riley Thomas Stewart
            Asa Butterfield
            Gattlin Griffiths

          • COry

             Butterfield and Goyo are decent so I wouldn’t mind if they were cast. The rest I haven’t heard of.

          • Tarynstahls

            Fan of Canterbury for a long time.  Google him in Fringe.  Amazing performance.  He was also in The Knowing.  Gatlin Griffiths was great in The Changeling.  I would love either of those 2.

          • kylie

            Couple more:
            Nathan Gamble
            Quinn Lord

            My daughter watches Bradley’s show on Disney.  I am not saying he is bad.  I am saying he is not this role.  He doesn’t even match Ronan or Hurt and they are supposed to be family.

          • COry

            Ronan doesn’t even have dark hair or dark eyes so how can you say he “doesn’t even match” when he’s probably the closest one to that resembles the book character?

          • COry

            They’ll probably change her hair color and eye color to match the book’s description.

    • daisy

      yeah he really would make a bad jamie

  • Houndog

    Goyo is fantastic. That’s my only choice.

  • Peryiell

    i dont like the cast

  • LactoseIntolerant

    I may have a suggestion :/ and I’m 100% love this kid and his acting abilities,
    Dakota Goyo, he was the little kid from real steel, >.<

    • Darcy

      It’s cast now.  And it’s not Dakota.  News should come out this week.

  • Butterfly_fairy_queen

    Dude, switch the actors for Ian and Jared.  They really look more like the other character than the one that they were cast for.

  • Ariel

    Don’t get it.Jake is wrong for the role of Ian who’s supposed to be a big guy with black hair. Well hair can be sorted out but the vibes are wrong!

  • kyle

    damn. i was gonna go for jamie.