Max Irons Will Play Jared Howe

Entertainment Weekly caught the exclusive that Max Irons will play Jared Howe in The Host.

Max Irons was last seen in Catherine Hardwicke’s Red Riding Hood.  Max is 26 years old and is the son of acclaimed actor Jeremy Irons.  Last I heard, he was dating Emily Browning.

So we finally have the main love triangle for The Host!  Saoirse Ronan, Jake Abel, and Max Irons.

What does everyone think?

The article also says that production will begin in February in Louisiana.

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  • lara


  • Caryn

    Oh for the love! They couldn’t find someone better?… (SMH)

  • Anonymous

    I would of preferred Kit but ok !

  • Anonymous

    He’s more of an O’Shea for me, but I’m not going to argue with having to stare at him for 2 hours.

  • he needs to bulk up. meh…. :/

  • Alemoignan

    i always pictured jared as having a really wide frame, and really bulky

    • April_Showers

      yeah same!!!! I mean he is supposed to have lived rough maybe they will get him to live rough a little lol 0.0 teehee

  • he was actually really good in red riding hood. one of the only good things actually, because that film seriously sucked major ass!!
    so, at least we know the big 3 are good actors.

    • alemoignan

      yes Red riding hood SUCKED! but he was pretty good in it

    • Hello_Jill

      Right now I’m watching Red Riding Hood and the dialogue is ATROCIOUS – for an actor who doesn’t have much film experience, Irons is doing rather well. Some of his line delivery is off the mark so I’m wondering how he’ll do with a hopefully MUCH better Niccol script. Besides Irons, Oldman is the only that doesn’t drawn in Hardwicke’s direction and David Johnson’s script. For a moment I thought I was watching Twilight from the opening scene. 

      • Hello_Jill

        * Oldman is the only actor who doesn’t drown  . . . .

  • can’t say I’m impressed with the male leads they’ve come up with. I hope they can act their little behinds off.

  • Nicole

    While he didn’t seem very tough or Jared-esque in Red Riding Hood, I did like him. If he bulks up some and gets a little scruffy (which he probably will), he will make a good Jared.

  • Sia

    I liked him in Red Riding Hood too but I wanted someone else but I’m fine with this ! 

  • Blahbleh

    I imagined Jared to big more of a tall, dark, handsome type and less “cute”. I am having a hard time picturing this actor in this role. He is attractive and a good actor, but not even close to how I pictured Jared.

  • Cynthia7752

    No  he is not Jared. I seem him more as a Jamie. Please dont. I see Jared as the guy from ‘Supernatural’, the short hair brother.

    • WFT did you smoke?? Jamie is supposed to be 14 years old, not fucking 26! Max Iron is damn hot and he can act like a boss! Approved!

      • Hello_Jill

        Charlotte, I would like to give you a kiss just for your comment.

      • Deborahna

        I totally agree! It’s atrocious to think of this guy as Jamie! 
        Like a boss! Oh yeah x’D

  • Ashleigh

    Um, what?!  Jared is meant to be big and manly.. this guy looks pre-pubescent.

  • Lovin’it ;)

    oh please. stop hating! we’ve got new blood, unattached with any other movie, he can act AND he’s pretty darn good-looking. Which is WAY more than any movie can hope for in the film industry. 
    the bulking up and ‘manly’ look is easy to fix. so yes, I APPROVE 😛

  • KoreZombie

    not my first pick for Jared…i suppose he might test well with Ronan…but I’m not even convinced with her being cast….

    • Hello_Jill

      Let me guess, you want an actor who resembles Melanie more physically? 

      “but I’m not even convinced with her being cast . . . .”

      There’s nothing to be convinced about. It’s Saoirse freakin’ Ronan. 

      • April_showers

        noo she would suit the character Sunny 0.0

  • Deborahna

    Ok, he’s not what most of us would hope for, but! We don’t know, he might surprise us, they picked him for some reason, they’re not stupid, maybe they have something different prepared for us viewers! Maybe they didn’t picture Jared as we did, but that doesn’t stop the movie from being great! *.*

  • Paula Luna

    Im really disappointed with the characters… isn’t what i was expecting 🙁

  • Hostfan

    waaahhh i want Jenses Ackles!!!! an Ian Somerhalder

  • Hale_E

    He doesn’t look like the strong type you can count on to keep you alive and go on raids. He looks too young and carefree…

  • Rfrance

    My favorite book is now ruined with the image of this guy playing Jared. Not a win. 

  • Ian’s_Girl

    I approve completly!!!!!! He’s not hard to look at, plus maybe he can bulk up a bit like Taylor Lautner did!!!!! I have major faith and i dont care who the actors are its still my fav. book and will be my fav. movie!!!! :3

  • Bobby Frozen


  • Bobby Frozen

    i want jensen ackles as jared!

  • Christina R1987

    What the hell is up with all the pretty boys? Jared is supposed to be more manly. I pictured someone looking more like channeing Tatum lol, buff & beautiful. Grrrrr……

    • April_showers

      yes!! omg Channeing Tatum 😀 I <3 him

      • Christina R1987

        Yes exactly… What host wouldn’t resist to get back to someone as gorgeous as Channling Tatum. Jared should look more like that, strong, independent, easy on the eyes, & safe… I wouldn’t feel very safe with Max Irons, just saying. Not a good choice, not a good choice at all!!!