Jake Abel (More Than Likely) Will Be Ian O’Shea

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Jake Abel is in final negotiations to play Ian O’Shea in The Host.

They also report that the role of Jared Howe (they say Jake in the article, but that is obviously a misprint) is down to Liam Hemsworth, Max Irons, Kit Harington, and Jai Courtney.  We already knew about these guys, however.

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  • I like him….. =D

  • I’m kind of okay with this casting 🙂 I hope Max is Jared btw

  • Helenazelaya_14

    I DONT LIKE HIM! I want Max Irons for Ian! i Dont Like Max Iron for Jared! 🙁

    • I didnt like Max Irons for Jared either…but no I really do feel Jake Abel would be perfect..with dark hair ofc!

  • He may not look exactly the part, but he does have some acting experience with large scale films and tv shows, so maybe he has the ability to do the part well. Plus, they could darken up his hair to fit the part better and he does have til February or March to bulk up. No one thought scrawny-looking Taylor Lautner from the first Twilight movie could play him later on as a werewolf, but look at how much he was able to bulk himself up when he wanted to keep the part of Jacob badly enough (he walked into the director’s office the day after Twilight opened to show them how he had bulked up in the few short months since they had finished filming). We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

    • Hello_Jill

      Surprisingly, another poster who acknowledges an actors filmography besides their physical attributes matching the written book. At least there’s some sense in Meyer’s book club.  

      • Condescending much?

        • Hello_Jill

          Darn Right. If one prefers  a quality film, then please, slap on the label. Rather be condescending than unaware that if casting is put in the hands of the majority of the book fans it will turn out to be a clunker (read: Twilight saga). I mean, wow, the Twilight trio totally knocked their parts right out the ballpark. Phew. Gotta shake of the chills after seeing that stellar ensemble. But don’t you worry, I heard Breaking Dawn will be utterly moving and breathtaking. Spike Scream & MTV Movie Awards here we come!

           I can email you all of the comments I’ve come across that complain about “He doesn’t match the book description . . . why are they ruining it?” to “Ugh. I’m done. NONE of the actors match my mental image of Jared and Ian.” dominates those that prefer skill over looks. I would surprised, no, shocked,  if a comment besides mine says “I just want this to be good with good acting.” Nope. That latter opinion is like a needle in a haystack.

          • I know a lot of people loved the Twilight movies, but I honestly wasn’t a fan. I LOVED the first three books in the series and enjoyed Robert Pattinson in the 4th Harry Potter movie, but I was disappointed with the main actors when I saw the first Twilight. I feel like the supporting actors really make the movies, though. I will say that Kristin improved IMMENSELY for the 3rd film and Jacob does a good job, but still so disappointed with Robert :(. I agree with you, Jill. I would rather see some amazing acting that does the book justice than have the actors completely match the physical traits of the characters. And with Saoirse as the main actress, she’d better have some great male leads beside her. She may look more like Wanderer’s body at the end of the book than Melanie, but no one can deny that the girl is an amazing actress. I have high hopes for this film 🙂

          • Hello_Jill

            Hooray for Johanna (I really like your name, too)! I cannot disagree with what your wrote. I hold the same sentiments like I always do with character driven movies: acting ability acting ability acting ability acting ability. If the actor ALSO looks the part then that’s a plus, but it ISN’T necessary unless the physical features play a  major part to the story, as least to me.

          • Ian’s_Girl

            As far as Im concerned, as long as they do a good job then Im ok.  Plus jake needs to have a good guy role for once 🙂

          • I saw ‘Breaking Dawn’ and was far more pleased with Kristin and Robert’s acting in this film than in any of the previous ones. I thoroughly enjoyed the film even though this was my least favorite book. My younger brother went to watch it with me and, though he is anti-anything Twilight, he told me afterwards that he didn’t hate it, which is high praise from him :). That being said, I hope they get ‘The Host’ films right from the start rather than finally reaching their stride in the FOURTH one. 🙂

          • i’ve said from day one, will all the polls thehostmovienews have done, its fun to try and find someone who matches your physical idea of a character, but if they cant act the role, it doesnt matter.
            this is a good story. hard hitting characters. it needs the personalities to pull it off.
            i want the producers/director to think about the story, and the best way to tell it. not ‘what will get all the teeny boppers going’, and ‘how much money can we make’.

          • Hello_Jill

            Thank you, Sarah.  It’s not that I’m against seeking actors who match the physical description – I mean, yes, Ian and Jared are written as muscular males – but that is just one aspect of their personality. What this project, “The Host”, has is UBER potential to be a very solid sci-fi pic. due to the talents of Niccol and its producers. Not only that but it was able to book Saoirse Ronan. Niccol and Ronan combined have more talent that 99.9% of the people that were attached to the Twilight saga. I’m glad other book fans realize that acting ability is a huge factor to make a  movie half way decent; the other half is the script and execution . . . and that’s were Andrew Niccol and producers come in.

  • BLeH

    Say what?

    • BLeH

      …But at least I would prefer him over the other three choices.

  • Shinnanigins

    COOL! Hope hes tall!

  • Hello_Jill

    I’m fine with this. From what I remember Abel is a promising actor – he does well with little that is given to him. 

    Also why on earth do most people want Liam as Jared?! The boy WILL get lost on screen with Ronan.  That how big of a difference it is when comes to acting skills between the two. Besides him “fitting” the role (I guess that means physically) Liam brings NOTHING to the film but a pretty face.

     Here’s to hoping Kit books Jared since he seems he has acting chops. Team Kit! 

    • Where are you getting the “most people want Liam” statistic? I haven’t seen anything like that in imdb, or here in the comments.

      • Hello_Jill

        The Host imdb board, thehostfan.com, and the article stating all the actors being considered for Jared and Ian. 

  • Anonymous

    I love this choice ! Did you see the other guys ? No way ! But I hope Kit get’s the part  of Jared. I honestly want to see who they cast in the other roles.

  • ahh!! so excited!!!! I wanted Jake Abel as Ian…I think he’d be perfect! hope he gets it 😀

  • Jake Abel is an a.m.a.z.i.n.g actor. love every part i’ve ever seen him in, and with saoirse as the leading lady, no body can say this film doesnt have the talent to pull it off.

    • Hello_Jill

      Well, they CAN say that film can still be ruined (which it can . . . if Niccol pulls a Rosenburg), but those who do kinda look foolish with all the talent involved so far. The big question is, once casting is complete, if Niccol and co. can PULL it all together and produce a film that will win over the critics. Fans will see the film regardless if they aren’t happy with the casting.  Here’s to hoping a book adaption that succeeds on the book fan front AND the critic front. It’ll be quite the achievement.

  • Nicole

    At first I was kind of sad about the choice because there are a lot of other actors who have the acting chops and fit the description better. But after watching some clips from his film/television appearances as well as interviews, I like him as Ian. It’s better than some CW actor who can barely pull off his one-dimensional character—the choice I usually see on fan pages. Plus, it’s easier to dye blonde hair dark than lightening dark hair (e.g. the Rosalie hair fiasco in the Twilight movies).

  • Alemoignan

    did the books say ian and kyle looked similar? I forget. if they did, i wonder who theyll get to play kyle

  • Cynthia7752

    He needs to bulk  up! I see Jared and Ian as very muscular type guys.

  • ohhh he looks cunty in this photo!~ WERK!!!

  • i hope they take a darker approach to the film! Mel should be beaten, and bloody, wounded, and reflecting…set in the dark, purple/maroon tunnels accented with the green spines and spikes of the cacti..

  • Deborahna

    I don’t know this guy, but he seems promising *.*
    And if he’s acting along with Saoirse Ronan he better be good, because that girl is an amazing actress!
    hum… I can see him as Ian ~~

  • Morgandroze

    I always pictured Jared sorta tall with dark hair tan skin and not super built I pictured him with defined muscles but he was built for speed not Body building and hisface is supposed to be handsome of course but he has to have hard featres but can be easily smoothed out by a relaxed smile And he has brown eyes. Ian is tall and strong also not a body builder but lean and still has muscles and he is supposed to have incredible blue eyes and has a sweet face . I know this sounds stupid but this is just how I pictured them.

  • Guest

    NOOO 🙁 I thought ian was said to be tall dark kinda person?

  • Hater

    I don’t like him as Ian O’Shea. He don’t look like Ian and I think it destroys the fantasy of the book, when the actor looks so another.

  • Abirdwith2soulsin1

    I like Jake, but I can’t see him as my Ian, idk why but i always pictured Ian like Ian Somerhalder, black hair, blue eyes, and he’s really really hot…I’m dissapointed.

  • Sydneyroxs