Another Stephenie Meyer Interview About The Host

The Breaking Dawn red carpet premiere in LA has provided us with some great interviews with Stephenie Meyer about The Host. and spoke to her on the red carpet.  Stephenie explained basically (at least what I inferred from what she said) that she has ten years to write the two sequels to The Host before the contract allows the studio/producers to write their own.  She has pieces of the other two novels.  I would like to ask her how far apart in days/months/years do the other two novels take place?  It complicates things when you have actors that age.

She also comments on the casting of Saoirse Ronan.  She does admit that she was hesitant on casting Saoirse due to her being younger than Melanie in the book, but once she saw Hanna, she was convinced to have her audition for the role.

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  • Sia

    Sounds good for us ! 

  • I find the lack of PR for the novels and the upcoming movie…IDK disheartening? Or am I being to picky?

    ETA – I also feel like this is her standard answer to anything Host related minus the Saoirse bit that’s new.

    • Jill

      The movie doesn’t start principle photography in three-four months so there’s bound to be little updates. This wait time is no different for The Host.

  • Tfordcirca07

    Just like twilight make us wait forever. By then will we still want to see it. By the way what a way to ruin breaking dawn. You left absolutely nothing to anticipate for part 2. I now have no desire to see either of them. What a waste of what could have been fabulous