The Host (Film) Will Be a Trilogy Says Andrew Niccol

The New Zealand Herald has a really great article on New Zealand native, Andrew Niccol.  In the article, Niccol reveals exciting news on The Host:

“It’s a liberating feeling that I’ll be directing something I haven’t had to make up. It’ll be fun. But I have to say, Stephanie gave me her 650-page book to adapt. That’s a workout to start with but I’ve managed to get it down to a script and there are two more movies coming after the initial movie,” he says. Clearly, he enjoys a challenge. “Well, yes. At first I thought, ‘this is going to be impossible’.”

So yes, The Host is planned as a trilogy.  While this is good news, I guess Stephenie Meyer had better get cracking on writing the next two books.  Unless the films/books are going to take place years apart from each other, this is going to be hard to do with the same cast.  I guess there is a chance that Stephenie Meyer will just tell the rest of the story through the films, opting out of writing the next two books.

The whole article is a good read, so please visit the link to read all of it.

Source: The New Zealand Herald

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  • Sounds awesome! I hope Meyer is writing  two more books, though… The books are always better than the movies 🙂 Even with Niccol and Ronan working together…

    • Hello_Jill

      Considering a book and film are two different mediums of art I don’t compare them to see which one is better. I see them for what they are.

      On this article: Unless the “The Host” is BO success – reaching the likes of Twilight – I don’t see any sequels being green lighted.  If there are future book installments as well as movie sequels I see it as a HUGE slip in quality for Niccol and Ronan’s track record. I just don’t the the sequels being quality film one can say they were proudly part of. 

  • I always thought Meyer was waiting for the Twilight series to wrap up and The Host on it’s way to the big screen to release the sequels. It’s just free publicity that she can take advantage of.

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  • Kara

    Hope that it’ll work up.  I’d love to see at least one film based on this book. It would be better if she stay foucused on one thing at the time i suppose.
    We shall se how it’s going to be. Wish her best.

  • JMT2cu

    Does this mean they are splitting the book into three parts or there will be 2 more sequels to the first book??