Saoirse Ronan Profile in Variety

Saoirse Ronan has a small profile in Variety called “Saorise Ronan: Trusting her killer instincts.”  The article appears to be part of series called Youth Impact Report 2011: Bigscreen Kids.  In generally referring to her film projects, she says:

“It’s been a little bit of luck that these projects have come along and great directors have been attached to them,” Ronan says. “If you’re a fan of their work, you can have confidence that you might be part of something special.”

The article goes on to say that she will be filming Byzantium next in which she portrays a vampire.  In reference to The Host:

“Not that Ronan has anything against “Twilight” or its creator, Stephenie Meyer. In fact, after finishing “Byzantium,” she’ll segue straight to “The Host,” also written by “Twilight’s” Meyer, playing a strong-willed Earth girl in the sci-fi romance. Andrew Niccol will direct, adding to Ronan’s list of celebrated collaborators.”

Stay posted to this site because with Andrew Niccol’s new film In Time coming out next week and filming on The Host starting in a matter of months, we will start posting much more.  Get excited!!!!

Source: Variety

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