Review of Andrew Niccol’s In Time

I got to see Andrew Niccol’s latest film, In Time, on Tuesday and my review is now posted on Lost in Reviews.  Overall, I really liked it.  Support Andrew Niccol and see this film!  It will also give you a taste of what his films are like.  He wrote the screenplay and directed the film.  Here is an excerpt of my review, and go to Lost in Reviews to read the entire review.

“It is hard to explain what I liked and did not like because In Time is so rich in details that it makes it hard to not write even more about this world to explain it.   While it may be difficult to write a review for this film, one of the reasons I liked it so much is because of these details.  Andrew Niccol sets up a very different world and through the course of the film explains just about every nuance of the world.  I appreciated the introduction to the world, not just jumping into the action.  I did not have many questions about what happened when the film was over.”

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  • I think I may see it tomorrow, I’m a big fan of Gattaca & The Truman Show, so I’ve been curious for a while 🙂