Cast This: Wanderer/Wanda, Your Picks

All right, so the votes for the Cast This: Wanderer/Wanda were very close together, but the winner with 3 votes was:

Elisabeth Harnois! Elisabeth was born in ’79 (making her 32 this year). She grew up in L.A. and has been acting since an early age. To read her full bio, click here.

Those who received two votes were:

AnnaSophia Robb

Sofia Vassilieva

Jennette McCurdy


Allie Grant

Those who received one vote each were Bridgit Mendler, Elle Fanning, Taylor Swift (2 votes pro, one vote con = 1 total), Mia Wasikowska, and Amanda Seyfried.

Post your thoughts on the results of this ‘Cast This’!

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  • I am confused.  When was there a vote and where was the link for it?  I didn’t get to vote and none of these women fit the character in the book.  ????????

    • Hey Susan —

      The original post is here:

      We will have a new Cast This post up for another character soon.  Thanks for coming to the site.

    • Johanna

      Like Sarah said, thanks for coming to our site :). And you can always post here in the comments who you would rather have seen. Unfortunately this Cast This poll was posted right before all the information about casting Ronan came up and I think it was lost in the mix. So who would you rather see in the part? 🙂

  • Rougebaisers

    Come on children. The pick has to be the main character in the sequel to the host. 

    • Lizzie-scott

      There’s a sequel?!

  • KimberlyLawrence

    here is who i think the cast should be:  =P
    mel- Missy Peregrym
    Jared- Adam Senn?  Jared Padalecki
    kyle-Wentworth Miller
    Ian-matthew dallas or Ian Somerhalder
    jamie- logan lerman
    Jeb- Sam Elliot
    Doc-david tennant
    Wanda/Pet-Elisabeth Harnois

    • gamedeep

      I agree, except I think Doc should be someone who looks older and wiser. David Tennant looks like a teenager, his chin is too sharp. 
      Everyone else is brilliant.

    • genners

      This is a great line up choice only one i dont like is David Tennant. Ed Norten or maybe Clive Owen both tall

    • S.A

      Ian Somerhalder as Ian plzzzzzzzz!!!!!

  • Torimdws

    allie grant 🙂

  • Dayan Aminy

    I think AnnaSophia Robb is better …

  • Danielle

    I think Wanderer/Wanda should have straight long brown hair, I’ve always thought that ever since i’ve read  the books

    • Alli

      That’s why they invented hair dye and hair straightners…

    • Christina R1987

      Huhhh? Long straight brown hair? If I recall right Wonda keeps cutting her hair shorter and shorter till it becomes chin length because it makes Melanie mad cause Melanie perfers it long! By the end of the book Melanie/Wanda’s hair only comes to there shoulders… The brown hair part yes & thats how it need to be in the movie. What book did you read? Just saying… (Yes exactly -Alli- hair dye and a hair straightener.

  • M.N

    Oh come on! The dream cast would be
    Sophia Bush as Mel!
    Jensen Ackles as Jared!
    Sam Elliot as Jeb!
    AnnaSophia Robb or Hayden Panettiere as Wanda!
    Ian Somerhalder as Ian!
    Clive Owen would be my dream doc..but there are a lot more good actors who would fit in perfectly..
    And Kyle..I dont know but it has to be someone..who is a bit like Kellan Lutz!

    • S.A

      awesome man!

      • SoA

        That was… Perfect! 

  • Nicki

    Allie Grant shoud be Wanda in the end?:)

  • Mbennett110

    LOL!!!!!SOFIA VASSILIEVA?!?!?!?! She looks disgusting if they put her as Wanda i will honestly kill my self and the two below her are not much better. 

  • Lovedxemo

    AnnaSophia Robb would look the best as Wanda, I think!
    Ian Somerhalder for Ian
    Sam Elliot for Jeb
    And I agree with MN that Sophia Bush would be GREAT for Mel 
    Adam Senn for Jared
    Logan Lerman for Jamie.

    that’s my dream cast :]

  • Smphillips1018

    Annasophia Robb!!!

  • thenextdawn

    Mel have dark hair with tanned skin !!!!!!

    Petal must look younger and innocent…and thin (she don’t have a rude life) Anasophia robb, dakota fanning, emma watsonwould fit.
    Ian somerhalder as IAN would be perfect
    Jared must be dark haired, his skin tanned (more than mel)  and he must be VERY handsome.  

  • Maria-9

    Elisabeth Harnois.Wanda must be tall and small,because Ian will be older.

  • TheHost

    ok so i’d rather u have either Jennette McCurdy or Taylor Swift… I think Taylor Swift looks perfectly perfect for the part!

  • TheHost


  • Christina R1987

    Ohhhhhh YES, YES, YES, AnnaSophia Robb is absolutely perfect 4 Wonda/Pet. Please let it be her. I know she is well known, but who cares she’s amazing in everything that she ever been in. + she is adorable…

  • Tessan56

    I don’t like the cast, the only ones i like are Max Irons as Jared and AnnaSophia Robb as Wanda.

  • Tessan56

    Matt Dallas could be Ian, i don’t know if he’s too old but they can make him look younger

    • Tessan56

      Dakota Fanning could be Wanda aswell and Ian Somehalder could be Kyle.

  • Smiley41412

    i think that elle fanning should have a little consideration for the part so i choose elle fanning

  •  Elisabeth Harnois!!!
    She has the perfect face that was described in the book but the thing about it is she’s tall and we need someone small. Mostly I would be Elisabeth Harnois out of all the girls here!!