Saoirse Ronan Interview with News

Another interview has surfaced where Ronan was questioned about her casting in The Host. The interview was published today, but seems like it may have been conducted a couple of days ago. Ronan showed the power she has in the decision-making process over her roles when she stated, “Oh, that’s not right. That deal’s still to be locked down”. It was also noted that Ronan has gone as far as to choose the director for her movie, Hanna. Ronan appears to have much more control over the process than we previously thought, so I doubt this confusion was because of Ronan not being ‘allowed’ to confirm her casting. It seems that the issue was that someone jumped the gun on announcing her as already cast.

Also, don’t forget about our Cast This: Wanderer/Wanda post! The poll is not affected by whether Ronan is cast or not as she is in line for a different character. 🙂

Source: News

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