Saoirse Ronan “In Talks . . . Nothing Definite” For The Host

So maybe Deadline was a little early in saying that Saoirse Ronan was cast as Melanie Stryder in The Host.  IndieLondon also has an interview with Ronan and they congratulated her on being cast in The Host.  Her response?

“Well, we’re in talks with the people from The Host. Nothing is actually for definite yet. So, we’ll see.”


Thanks to Nicole for letting us know about the interview.


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  • Lunera3y10

    good news! I don’t like her for the role.

  • LizzieScott

    I know this isn’t relevant to this but Josh Zuckerman for Doc!! x

  • Jmt2cu

    She is a GREAT actress… She could totally pull these two characters together in one body and make it very believable on screen.

  • H C F

    Good, I hope she gets cast for Pet or Wanderer but NOT MELANIE.

  • Jamie

    i like her for the cast if she will have short and brown hair in the film!!