Yet Another Interview with Saoirse Ronan Stating “Not Confirmed”

The interviews with Saoirse Ronan keep rolling in as she promotes Hanna in Europe.  This interview is with 98 FM, a Dublin, Ireland radio station.  Ronan again states that she is still in talks for The Host, and is not confirmed for any role yet.

“We’re in talks – it’s not confirmed yet. It seems that way but it’s not confirmed yet.  Hopefully it’ll work out.  It’s actually an amazing concept and the book is too”.

You can listen to the interview with the media player that is at the beginning of the page and hear the words come right out of Ronan’s mouth.

Thanks again, Nicole, for letting us know about the interview!

Source: 98 FM

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  • Sia

    Yes it is amazing ! And who ever get’s into this movie should be thankful. From the script it should be amazing. Can’t wait !

  • Ana

    God I hope she does play Wanda, that would be AMAZING!! She is completely perfect.

  • Vv_344

    I hope she doesn’t I really hope she doesn’t !