Saoirse Ronan Attached to Another Film Project

Considering all the buzz surrounding Saoirse Ronan revolves around her potential involvement in The Host, I found it intriguing that she has become attached to another film completely.  The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Ronan and Gemma Arterton are playing vampires (ironically) in Byzantium.  The film will be directed by Neil Jordan and is expected to start shooting in OCTOBER 2011.

I have no clue what this means for The Host.  Considering the script and the director are set for The Host and casting has begun, I thought they would potentially start filming The Host this year.  Although, we still have not heard definitively from Inferno or Stephenie Meyer that Saoirse Ronan is playing Melanie Stryder.  I am still waiting for more news to come out of Cannes.

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  • Sia

    I would love Saoisre for the role but if we get someone just as good I’m ok with that too !

  • I don’t know about Saoisre for the role. They said in the book that the reason the humans mistrusted Melanie at first was because she looked dangerous. Saoisre looks very sweet and innocent, more like what I’d picture Pet to be.
    I just hope this movie will get made soon. I can’t wait to see what it will be like.

  • Mmulder618

    I don’t think this is a good choice at all! Melanie is supposed to have dark skin and hair and hazel eyes and she doesn’t have any of those traits! She’s a good actress but there are plenty of good actresses with at least a couple of those things that they could choose from.

    • Shes too young also.. they could find someone around Mels age.

  • Broken-angel Xx

    Dear whoever the hell is casting this movie,
      As a devoted Host fan I think that so far, the casting for this movie has been unacceptable. I mean, have you even read the book?! Melanie is described as being  strong and looking dangerous. Yes, I know, Ms. Ronan was really good as the assassin in that one movie, but she looks like a 6 year old, and to be quite honest, I haven’t found that many fear-provoking 6 year olds. Have you? And another thing , like Mmulder618 said, Melanie is described as having dark hair, skin, and eyes. Saoirse doesn’t fit that description at all. If anything, she looks far more closer to Wanda then Mel. (Not that I’m saying I want her to play Wanda). As for the rest of the “rumored” cast that imdb is giving me, they make we want to slap somebody. Kyle and Ian are twins. Please say it with me T-W-I-N-S. That means they look the same. Jay Baruchel and Joseph Mazzello look nothing alike. They also don’t have blue eyes, which I promise you, is going to be a big problem. Their also supposed to be very strong, but these guys look like they’d have a problem carrying a helium balloon around. Lastly, and probably most importantly, Shiloh Fernandez, the man supposedly cast as Jared, looks like a [please insert favorite curse word here] vampire ! Jared is supposed to be muscle-y with golden sun streaks. This dude looks like he just rolled out of his coffin. I can promise you one thing, if this cast isn’t changed, you will end you destroying a beloved novel, and turning it into a lame punch line.

    ~ A worried fan.
    PS. We will not appreciate it if you turn this book into a laughing stock like you did with Twilight. Be prepared for angry mobs.

    • Brigitte

      Oh my goodness! THANK YOU!! I couldnt agree with you MORE!! I cant stand the whole Ronan playing Melanie thing, shes NOT A MELANIE!!

    • omg.. you’ve taken the words right out of my mouth! WTH are they doing to this movie?? If this is whats going to become of it i’d rather it just stay as a book. 🙁 I’m very worried now…. VERY worried. 

  • Dayan Aminy

    I think Saoisre for wannda/melani is good …
    I like her

  • Ihatethiscast

    I will end you. Worst cast of all time. Movie hasn’t even been filmed yet and it’s already ruined for me. Thank you for killing off all my hopes and dreams of having at least ONE book I love being a movie I also love. You suck. You suck suck suck suck suck. UGH.
    Sincerely, future angry mob member.

  • Jeangirl7

    Okay this is what i want to know. Why is everyone showing these super pale, blond girls for the Wanda picks. Melanie stryder is in the host not twilight. Please pick a tan brunnettte. Just once