Saoirse Ronan Cast as Melanie Stryder

Deadline New York got the exclusive today on the first actor officially cast in The Host.  Saoirse Ronan will play Melanie Stryder, the main character in The Host.  Ronan has most recently starred in Hanna, The Way Back, and The Lovely Bones.  She became a household name after starring in Atonement and getting a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her role.  She was also recently cast in The Hobbit.  Ronan just turned 17 years old.

It should be noted that no one has yet been announced to voice Wanderer or star as Pet.  Our Cast This post could not have been more perfectly timed.  And no one thought Saoirse Ronan would be a good Melanie in a previous Cast This post.

What do you guys think about this casting decision?


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  • Lorren

    hmmm maker hair darker and u got it

  • Sia

    I’m really happy with this choice ! I know she’s younger but damn she’ s an amazing actress. And I’m sure she can play both parts which needs a good actress. I’m sure they’ll dye her hair so were in good hands in my opinion. And I wonder who they’ll cast for the two male lead parts.

  • Elizabeth

    She is a fabulous actress but she won’t even be of legal age until next April, so i think this means ian somerhalder is out as ian. He’s 32, almost twice her age, too holder to be her love interest. They’ll be looking for someone in their early 20’s. Boo hoo, I really wanted Ian to be Ian.

  • I am sure she will be great. Darken her hair. Make the Movie!!!

  • Sarahcpascoe

    i always said you need a REALLY good actress to play mel, not just the looks, and she certainly fits the part. all the ascetics, like hair colour, can be sorted out on set. mel is around 20/21, so shes not too far out.
    just make the movie already!! then we can say if shes a good mel, coz we will be able to see it!! lol

  • Nicole

    While Ronan wasn’t how I imagined Mel (or how the book describes her), she is a wonderfully talented actress who will be able to portray dual personalities. I am glad they didn’t cast someone who was too old to play a realistic 21-year-old –and then 17-year-old in flashbacks. She is very young, but maybe they are going to choose younger actors in case the pending book sequels are turned into movies. Stephenie Meyers has only written 2 chapters in the second book!

    • Cluhmxie Ar_02

      really??! I am soo looking forward to that!

  • Annem_919

    She wasn’t who I pictured, but she’s already growing on me! I think she’ll do a fabulous job playing the part.

  • Sunny_day87

    She is so perfect for it…exaclty how i pictured her!

  • shes a good actress but damn….this rules out ian somerhalder and jensen ackles :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

    • XD

      not necessarily cause both Ian and Jared were supposed to be in their early thirties!!! fingers crossed still!!! XD

  • lily

    omygosh! i just had a brilliant casting idea… Liam Hemsworth as Wes….Yes?.No?

    • justathought

      Chris Hemsworth. Yes.

  • she is an amazing actress. I am just hoping they make her look older, cos dont forget Mel was in her early 20’s. but all in all, a good casting choice 😀

  • rosayy

    one question..shes seventeen, and Pet is supposed to be sixteen. are they going to make Pet and Mel like the samish age. I love this choice, i think shell do great, just a little…?.
    andd 🙁 does this mean no Jensen Ackles:(

  • I just got back from Hanna. Ronan is pretty young (and young looking), and I have doubts whether this is going to be believable with her in love with an older man. I wish they had gotten someone a few years older. I would have loved to see Ronan as Pet, although that would have been a brief role.

  • Jmt2cu

    Saoirse will be GREAT! She will be able to sell Melanie and Wanda…

  • Miss_E

    i didn’t picture her as Melanie… but yes she is growing on me and hope she will do a great job 🙂 but i am waiting to hear who will play Jared and Ian…. more info please 🙂

  • Kevvin

    Oo. Espero que isso seja esclarecido de vez!

  • H C F

    NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!! So wrong for the part. Maybe Wanderer, but NEVER Melanie! Wrong look & wrong actress. She’s too young & not a strong enough or powerful enough actress to pull it off. Plus totally screws up the entire cast. Looks like they are appealing to a teen audience yet again, BOO!

    • Kkime20

      actually she will be older by tim they start filming

    • Emmy

      Wanderer is Melanie…

  • I don’t know she looks too innocent, she will fit for Wanda but Melanie is more tough, i think they should keep looking. How about Amber Heard?

  • Jillg2003

    i agree, they look like they are trying to appeal to younger cast. it should appear more of an adult film, i think anyways.

  • Wdonna129

    Definitely not right! I imagined someone like Sophia bush. Don’t get me wrong she seems nice enough but she seems so plane I expected Melanie to be really really pretty (not that she isn’t but definitely not who I would expect.

  • SaiorseFan

    I think she’ll do great it doesn’t matter if she looks more like Pet she’ll be great as the emotional kick-ass person we know as Wanda and Melanie. She proved this in ‘The Lovely Bones’ and ‘Hanna’. And have you seen her with the dark brown hair all she needs is the hazel eye contacts and she’s good!

  • Vv_344

    She is very wrong to be Melanie/wanda! Melanie was describe to be beautiful and strong.Saoirse Ronan  is the opposite it is very wrong!

  • Dayan Aminy

    oh … she is very boor!

  • Serendipity88

    she is WAY to young! I think with this little girl playing Mel It’s just gonna be another teen fad which I think be littles the book. Plus her love interest is gonna look way to old for her.but there again teen fad they will most likely cost a teen boy as well

  • gamedeep

    she definitely has to be older. Melanie is like 30 in the book, and Pet is 17. The difference is supposed to shock Wanderer. 

    • Magaray

      Gamedeep.  Melanie was 17 when she met Jared.  That is why he did not make love to her until a year later.  30?  Did you read the book?  Yes Pet is 17 and Wanda lies about her age so she can be with Ian.  The differnce is that Pet is shorter, Blonde hair and delicate.  Did you read the book?

  • lilantics

    Saoirse Ronan is an incredible and talented actress. No, she may not look exactly like the author’s description. But hey, hair dye, makeup, and more can do wonders. I, personally, would rather trust someone with the acting chops to play such a key role than someone who just looks the part. Give the girl some credit- she was phenomenal in Atonement, phenomenal in Hanna, and phenomenal in The Lovely Bones. Stop hating and trust the casting directors to do their jobs!!! Cannot wait to see this movie… <3

  • Rockstargurl21

    not even the right native look and so thin! what happend to a nice strong athletic build melanie has. horrible desicion. I honestly dont feel like watching this movie because the character we all thought of in our heads and known to love looks nothing like this child.

  • Magaray

    I have followed the casting of Twilight, Hunger Games and The Host. When Kristen Stewart was cast as Bella, the entire Twilight universe was up in arms. Her hair is the wrong color, her eyes are the wrong color, she can’t act; on and on it went.  When they announced  Jennifer Lawrence as The Hunger Games’ Katniss, I was a bit suprised.  The picture I had of Katniss was no where near the image of Jennifer.  I won’t even go into what Peeta & Gale looked like in my mind’s eye.  However, as someone posted in another section of this blog, the script will be a deciding factor; not the “native look” of Saoirse. Many of the Twilight fans said they would not go to the movie to see “Twilight”.  Fortunately for Summit, there were many fans who got past the cast “blunder” and now love Bella, Edward, Jacob (by the way Taylor looks nothing like the Jacob in the book).  The Host is a great read.  With Saoirse (Best Actress Oscar nominie) as Melanie, the film will be a huge hit and Stephenie Meyer will be urged (as producers do) to finish writing the remaining two books of the trilogy (The Soul and The Seeker).  This child will win you over.  She did me when I saw her in Hanna.

  • Star Raven

    sorry but no. she looks far to young and weak, melanie has strong will and determination, wanda scared as a deer in headlights but mel´s force needs to shine through. the actress needs darker, deeper eyes and features and a strong tough looking body. This girl looks too weak physically.

  • Fionas_mommy

    By the time they start filming she will be 18, I think she will do great…atleast she can act, and she is pretty hardcore to.  I think she will do better than expected.

  • Bre

    I think she completely wrong for the part,, shes a good actress and all but she doesnt even look like melanie,, melanie had dark hair and was tan and was older,, I dont want to be disappointed with this movie but I got the feelin that I’m gona be :/

  • Kkime20

    I think she could most likely pull off the roll of melanie stryder.
    I think she kinda looks lik mel was dscribed in the book

  • Milana5532

    i imagine mel with darker wavy hair with a more serious mature face.

  • Kiki

    She would need darker hair, another year or so, and I’m not sure whether she’s really right for Melanie.  But she’s a great actress, so she could probably pull it off.

  • Fey

    Um no, she won’t be much older at at all! They star filming NEXT MONTH!!! I am so disappointed with this AWFUL choice! IMDB shows some of the other actors they hired as well and I can’t say I’m happy with them either!

  • Rylee55

    Saoirse Ronan can play any role and with such confidence. Just wait till the first promo pictures of Saoirse as Melanie and the doubters will be raising their champagne glasses!

  • disappointed

    Totally wrong for the part, as the whole cast btw!!!!!!!

  • Ziska

    OMG PLEASE NO!!!! The twilight cast wasnt that great and not this she is too young to be Mel and does not does not look as describedin the book please change her and make this movie 100x better than twilight I would hate to see another amazing story go down the drain just to make some more money out of it :(……The actor for Jared was a good choice tho … so sad though kinda disappointed if she is in the movie! I agree wanderer would suit her much better but not Mel ! never!

  • Wlmwoi789

    I think she’ll be good for the part. I mean isn’t it the point to reach out to a teen audience? I mean it was mainly teens who read and watched the movies of all books from the twilight series after all. And it’ll probably end up as mainly teens watching the movies anyways…

  • AIP

    She was amazing in The Lovely Bones – I hope they make up her look true to the book and she works out to emulate the strength required of such a rebel.  I find Kirsten Stewart a very boringBella (any tv interviews she lacks energy), and Rosalie the most beautiful perfect supermodel as per book – umm no.

  • Nastassia

    Maybe she talented actress.. but she’s not Melanie.. where is brown eyes???

  • OneLovingSong

    Havent they already started to film this movie? I heard it was suppose to be done sometime in march in theaters. If this is true then I honestly can’t wait to see it. I love the book, and whoever plays the characters will do amazing as well!

  • neevetha

    Okay everyone thinks Saoirse is wrong for the part but I think she is absolutely perfect. She is pretty in a subtle way (which makes Jared’s love for her all the more endearing). She seems a little plain at first but then there’s a captivating intensity about her too (I mean, Saoirse has been cast as some pretty serious characters in the past- Susie Salmon in the Lovely Bones got raped and murdered and Hanna was a young assassin). Saoirse is also strong athough she doesn’t look it. Plus, that’s how I’ve always imagined Melanie: an average girl who’s been thrown into a post-apocalyptic situation. And to be honest, although Melanie is by no means weak, I’ve always thought it was her love for Jamie and Jared that truly made her strong and brave, not necessarily physical brawn. So I’m glad they didn’t cast someone fierce and sexy as Melanie because I think Saoirse captures the true essence of Melanie. Can’t wait to see her in the movie!